💫 3 WordPress Image Optimisation Plugins That Can Make Your Site 899% Faster 💫

💫 3 WordPress Image Optimisation Plugins That Can Make Your Site 899{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} Faster 💫

WordPress Image Optimisation & Free Plugins: http://truemiller.com/2015/07/13/wordpress-image-optimisation-plugins.html

I was once in a similar boat as many others wondering endlessly about why Google’s Page Speed Insights was treating me so badly. Once I’d figured the whole “Above The Fold” nightmare out, I was then plagued by the evil that was image optimisation. The plugins and methods featured should cover the majority of the points made in the Google image optimisation fundamentals docs.

I’m not an expert on images but I can definitely keep Google pleased and I can definitely get my images to load really fast, but what is it that we need to do make sure that our WordPress images are optimised?

Image Compression
Most people have probably got this far if they’re already dabbled in trying optimise their images on WordPress and correctly so. First and foremost you need to lose some of the added weight that your images are carrying; there are two forms of compression:

Lossy compression means that you lose quality and lossless obviously means that you lose none. While it would be wonderful if we could keep all of our images in their full glory, this just isn’t a reality if you want to please Google and make your page load as fast as it can. This means you’re going to have to embrace lossy compression; the good news is that you probably wont be able to tell the difference anyway.

Image Resizing
The next stop in WordPress Image optimisation is resizing your images. Many people are baffled after they’ve compressed their images because they’re still not getting the desired results. Your images may be compressed, but they’re still visually the same size, this carries a physical weight, so you need to make your image smaller in width and height. Many people use the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plug-in however this only does a small proportion of the job so you should use Hammy.

Lazy Loading
Although this isn’t 100{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} essential it does do for more added wonders for image optimisation. With lazy loading your images load once they are physically on the screen. This helps pages to finish loading faster and reduces server strain as images are only loaded if they’re viewed. Lazy loading is often performed using a jQuery. While there are plugins specifically for this, if you use Hammy it has a built in Lazy Load feature.

Local Hosting
Google doesn’t like too many requests shooting here there and everywhere so what better way to tackle this than by having all of your images automatically hosted locally? Yes, local hosting may increase server strain, but this is easily tackled by using a CDN or parallel streams so that your images are displayed faster and with less server strain.

Free Image Optimisation Plugins
Nobody really likes paying for stuff, especially when you find out you could have got the same thing if not better for free. To save you dipping into your pocket for more wordpress plugins, here are a few free plugins I recommend.

EWWW Image Optimizer: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/
Hammy: https://wordpress.org/plugins/hammy/
A3 Lazy Load: https://wordpress.org/plugins/a3-lazy-load/


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