10 Best WordPress Plugins Free for Blogs or Websites

10 Best WordPress Plugins Free for Blogs or Websites

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs or Websites is how I personally view important WordPress plugins from my experience using them with different websites. Though I could have easily added more or different plugins, these 10 I highly recommend.

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10 Best WordPress Plugins Free for Blogs or Websites 2017



Partial Transcript

0:00hey everyone this is andre from Andre elvine . com and today we’re going to
0:06discuss the 10 best wordpress plugins that are free for your blog or website
0:11and this is a subjective 10 baths are top 10 or whatever you want to call it
0:19its objective so this is just to mikes my own experiences with different
0:23websites and what performs better with word present times of plugins ask met is
0:32one of the best spam protectors for wordpress i believe it is the best and
0:39what that does it
0:41it blocks different spam comments are different
0:45just people that’s trying to our our computers that are trying to intrude on
0:52your website and in your comments and things of that nature is you can see
0:57right here i have highlighted it said I almost ninety nine percent accuracy rate
1:04in the past looks like the past six months
1:0951 spam attempts have been tried and this thing works works very well so it’s
1:18a it’s an awesome plugin
1:22the google analytics plugin is really a no-brainer
1:28i highly highly highly highly recommend this plug-in what does it enables google
1:34analytics on every page of your site but you have to make sure that you set up a
1:39google account you can go to analytics . or just google search on
1:46google analytics and the page
1:47pop up and you can go in there and set up an account first so make sure you do
1:54and once you download once you got that squared away you you’d download the
2:00plug-in does the video for you watching their the two
2:05coryell that’s why i have that circle so that’s that’s very important so make
2:09sure you do that first and it’ll be a pretty much tell you step by step what
2:18to do so it’s it’s really not that hard anyway so even without the video and
2:22that’s you know maybe it’s just me talking and through my experiences but
2:26you might be a supernova so make sure you watch that video Google Analytics
2:35dashboard for wordpress this isn’t this is a another very important
2:40you ever see those charts of how different web are different bloggers
2:48when you show you the traffic that’s going to the website that’s what this is
2:54in a in a nutshell this particular plug-in what it does it will show this
3:03just one screen right here where its showing where the traffic is coming from
3:06to my website and there’s also a tab that shows way things though not sure
3:16how many but it will show like on this great location it will show the traffic
3:22like this work where it’s coming from like it if it’s coming from facebook or
3:27pinterest off it’s coming from if the traffic is coming from google or being
3:32and as the tab that will show you all of that is a lot of information on and i
3:37highly recommend it
3:39I think security is a wordpress security plug-in and what this does is
3:47self-explanatory it’ll it’ll save your website will save you a lot of headache
3:55and have the screen here we’re going to show you one of the things it does a
4:00strong password for his enforcement it and it forces your password that you
4:07have set up for your website along with many many of the things there’s a paid
4:13version of it also but since when this video’s about free plug-ins
4:19I don’t have the the pay version i go with the free plug-in you can see down
4:24there below malware scan scheduled and pro is what that is right there so you
4:32can you can get the get the pay version if you if you like so i will wait i will
4:39wait on something like that and just go with the free version for now
4:43w3 total cache is a wordpress performance plugin
4:49if you don’t have one of these on your website you are just waiting waiting for
4:57an attack on your website so do you have to have some some added a security and
5:05some added that this thing will show you show you
5:10well it will show you how well your website is performing and that’s very

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