13 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate And Internet Marketers

13 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate And Internet Marketers

Here I share the best WP plugins I use for all of my internet marketing and affiliate marketing websites.

Some are free, others are paid. I highly recommend the paid ones because there aren’t really any good free alternatives.

18 thoughts on “13 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate And Internet Marketers”

  1. Ekaterini-Kathy Patlakis

    You are giving wonderful information. I love the fb one. Can we always purchase those after we set up a website? To keep the start up costs lower to start with. Which is the lowest cost plugin to get from the very beginning, when you start out. Are any free wordpress ones that you recommend as being, a definite. I want to keep the cost down for the beginning cost. Especially buying a one year ahead of time, with a 60 day money back guarantee. I want to do ecommerce, so I will have to get SSl, plus I want to do affiliate marketing! I will continuously, watch your video again. Thank you, again! 🙂

  2. Awesome video. I’m watching it again and writing down the pro’s for each plugin so I don’t forget. 

    Some of the plugins (ie FooBar) don’t offer an extended license….*can* this be installed on multiple sites or do you need to pay $16 for each and every site? I don’t mind paying the $16 if I got a site that’s making money, but I prefer extended/unlimited licenses.

  3. Alexander Tazh

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    Corey, what do you think about it?

  4. Emmanuel Baptist Church

    SICK & TIRED of Plugins! They slow your site down and can cause all kinds of error problems plus you are depending on a stranger to update them. For every plugin you mentioned a webmaster can accomplish those same tasks by simply using their cpanel utilities as well as copy and pasting a little code in their .htaccess file. All of this can be done without slowing down your site, and without paying for unneeded plugins. For google Analytics, whats wrong with logging into your google account? Thats what it is for. Let’s keep our money where it belongs. IN OUR WALLET!

  5. Your explanation on some of the best plugins for Affiliate and internet marketers is very admirable . Thank you

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