5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for EVERY Website!

5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for EVERY Website!

►Click HERE for Download Links to Plugins (Free):

Looking for recommendations of the best WordPress plugins for your website or blog? Here are 5 must-have WordPress plugins that will increase your traffic, customers, SEO and security!

Best part of all? They’re all completely FREE to download.

Make sure to click the link above for direct links to instantly access any of the 5 plugins

(Plugins include: iThemes Security, UpdraftPlus, Contact Form 7, SumoMe, and Yoast SEO)

If you have ANY questions or need any help, please feel free to reach out by leaving a comment below!

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50 thoughts on “5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for EVERY Website!”

  1. This has been very informative especially the security aspect, thank you very much. Just started practicing with wordpress

  2. Eric Brown Softball

    what if i have an established website? can i create a new domain and then transfer all traffic to that?

  3. Mohamed Al-Sherbeeny

    hello and thanks for this great experience your awesome please keep it up . I need valuable info for the coming questions ?

    I need plugin to read RSS from news sites and show it in my word press however I need to open the news in my site page with button to direct me to the original source can you suggest such plugin please

  4. i really love this,am actually new and am learning so fast with ur videos,,pls i want to ask,,which plugin do u recommend from wordpress for an ecommerce set up,,am trying to buld an ecommerce website for sales of apparel

  5. Hello, thank you for posting these videos, they’re extremely informative. I already have a website that was built on an old platform, and I really need to update it badly. I don’t want to pay $2000 to $4500 for someone to do it, when there’s all these new DIY website builders these days. My site is with Hostgator, and I see it has the WordPress link in my cpanel. I want to build a new website but still using my domain name I already have, and I guess I’ll have to stay with Hostgator. So how does that work if you want to start building a new website but using the same domain name? Thank you!

  6. Alfred Chapmanjr

    I am new to this and I happened on to your site and I think you have done a great job. I will be going thru it and designing my site asap I have had two strokes and somewhat very slow. I am 78 yrs old and had my own commercial industrial contracting business for over 54 years. Much more but got to go now and will get to work later. Thank you very much

  7. Thanks for the videos. I am getting away from Wix and WordPress is my answer. Your videos are a great help.


    what is optin option and is it a plugin or how can i do that..?? btw i like your videos…. 😀


    …thanks bro. Keep up! I’d love to learn more about incorporating shopping carts and payment gateways into a website. cheers!

  10. Lorraine Taylor

    Hi, Thanks for great content. I am trying to master the creation of some websites, but what I really get stuck on is "What theme to use"? There are so many to choose from, and when I choose a theme, add pages, etc. it doesn’t really look the way I want it to. So how do you choose? Cheers Lorraine

  11. Marvin martian

    Hi Odi Productions, I am a newbie at this- creating web sites, don’t know anything about coding—- I got a website running after going back and fort with this first developer which we spent a lot of money , I mean a lot of money on it – then they started getting impatient cause they could not keep up with the basic requests we had , then i found another developer which was wonderful but had to spend another extra for him to reformat it,now the web site is running good so far, but I want to understand the basics of making an ecommerce site without all the coding and etc……….. so now I came to your youtube video and still need guidance on some parts of making this ecommerce site— would U be able to communicate back and forth— Kimmy

  12. hiliano queiroz

    Thanks again for another priceless video. It would be nice if it shows how to install each of this for newbies like me :). Anyways, great video

  13. Thanks a lot, I’ve paid so many website developers and they never do what I want. I’m proud to have my own website made by me with your help

  14. patrick edwards

    My website was designed and up and running by someone I hired using WordPress, but now I want to make changes myself to my site. Do you have a tutorial on making changes? Thank you.

  15. Carol Manderscheid Andrews

    thank you. super helpful! I would like to hear/see a video detailing the different parts and names of websites.for example- I made a website but don’t know the name of the thing on top of the home page so I can change it.

  16. Hello there.Thanks so much for the video. Pretty usuful. Simple, direct and well explained. You hace a very didactic tone of voice. Have one question,if that is ok. Do you know if the contact 7 plugin (sorry, I am Kind of making the name up lol) allows to embeded a pop up form into a website header, or any Other part of your site? Thanks a lot again mate

  17. Thank you good sir. Great speed for explaining important and specific details. Appreciate it. Just wondering if there is a way to make people sign up and create a profile under our websites where they can add things to it, like their own photos, reviews and information etc.

  18. dedric terrell

    At first I was so overwhelmed by creating my first website. Thanks to you I now have the drive to get it done.

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