A Drop-In Replacement For TheThe Tabs And Accordions (WordPress Plugin)

A Drop-In Replacement For TheThe Tabs And Accordions (WordPress Plugin)


I’ve now created an alternative plugin that is designed to be compatible with TheThe Tabs and Accordions’ shortcodes. You can download it from or just search for “Squelch” in the plugins repository and you’ll find it.

** Original Video Description **

Been using TheThe Tabs And Accordions on your WordPress website? The bad news is it doesn’t work anymore. The good news is I’ve found three plugins that work together to create a drop-in replacement for you. It takes a little bit of setting up but will give you a more robust solution for the future and will get your website working again without completely re-engineering your accordions.

If you want text based instructions you can find them on my blog:

The CSS code used in the video can be found here:

Table of contents:

0:00 Introduction and background
1:50 Tutorial Starts
1:53 Step #1: Installing the plugins
3:42 Step #2: Configure jQuery UI Widgets
5:17 Step #3: Add (or edit) accordions on page(s)
7:09 Step #4: Add custom CSS
10:51 Step #5 (optional): Try out alternative jQuery UI themes

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