About Autoblogging | Learn How WordPress Autoblog Plugin Works

About Autoblogging | Learn How WordPress Autoblog Plugin Works

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What’s autoblogging? How do these autoblog WordPress plugins work? And the best of all, how these plugins help you to generate online income automatically? Turn your WordPress blog to an automatic cash maker.

This is a special autobloging plugin which lkest you to build autopilot websites. This means you do not have to write the blog posts, but the plugin will do it based on your settings.

This is an easy to use WordPress autoblog plugin that drip feed fresh content to your blogs. You can use RSS feeds to get content from or you can add keywords. WpRobot will generate posts using more than 20 sources.

It supports article directories, Amazon, Clickbank, images sites and video sites. It also supports many other sources to make your content even more unique.

WP Robot is capable of adding Amazon product posts, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers questions and answers, Youtube videos, targeted articles, Flickr images, Clickbank ads and content from 12 more sources to your weblog automatically.

On top of that, this autoblog WordPress plugin supports spinning and automatic translation for the posts.

You can get the different modules separately or you can get the full package on great price with all the modules.

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