About HostAlamo is a service of Texas based Centra Maintenance Corporation established over 13 years ago. We are proud to be located in San Antonio, Texas, the home of the Alamo. The City of San Antonio is a major technology and financial hub with companies such as Rackspace and USAA headquartered in San Antonio. San Antonio’s contribution to technology is enormous with the first personal desktop computer, the first microprocessor, and LAN network were all invented in San Antonio as part of the early Datapoint inventions. We recommend our readers read more about San Antonio history by visiting this link. We also recommend our viewers to read the history of the Alamo here. 
HostAlamo is dedicated to providing WordPress maintenance support services and custom hosting solutions. In addition,  we offer extended services  covering all essential features such as SSL certificates, Shopping carts, Corporate Security and Audit Compliance analysis, and custom web development work.

Syed Aman, MBA: President and Co-founder. Syed has over 20 years of technology experience, including over 10 yrs as the technology manager for the largest school district in San Antonio. Syed has worked in WordPress deployments for the past 9 years. He is an industry veteran with skills ranging from project design, web development, project management, and business development.
Murty Rompalli: Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder.Murty has worked with a broad range of technology areas such as Operating Systems, Networking, Web Servers and Computer Security. He is a strong supporter of open source technologies. He worked for several big companies including major Fortune 500 companies. He is passionate about both Python based technologies (Django framework, Mezzanine etc.) as well as PHP based technologies (WordPress, Drupal etc.)
Sana: Marketing DirectorShe holds an MBA degree from Our Lady of the Lake in Marketing with over ten years of marketing experience with companies in San Francisco and at Berkeley ISD, California.

WordPress Maintenance & Hosting
Web Development Services
Managed VPS support
Custom VPS Design & Support
Corporate Security & Audit Compliance Services

Corporate Location
San Antonio, Texas USA
Tel: 210-504-9732
Fax: 1-866-520-0580

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