Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 15 | Clickbank | Market Interactions between SEO and PPC explained here

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 15 | Clickbank | Market Interactions between SEO and PPC explained here!
As an affiliate you want to maximize your profit, so ideally you want to find markets that are successful for both pay-per-click and SEO. So the question is – is it still worthwhile selling in a market where you can only make money with only one these methods?

In this lesson we look at Understanding Market Interactions.

Lesson Summary
If you can succeed with Pay-Per-Click in a market, you can usually succeed with Search-Engine-Optimization also, but the reverse isn’t always true.

You can often find out by doing a quick search and seeing whether a keyword is heavily SEO’d, or has a balance of PPC and SEO sites.

However, don’t completely disregard markets that look bad for PPC – many other marketers will, which leaves you room to build a site to take advantage of the market and gain an (albeit small) income.

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