Best Seo WordPress Plugin for 2016 – Get the Seo Wizard for FREE!

Best Seo WordPress Plugin for 2016 – Get the Seo Wizard for FREE! – SEO wizard provides a reference to ensure that you do not miss any essential aspect of your SEO efforts. Here is how the plugin helps boost SEO for your site.

It helps you write good content

The core of any successful SEO marketing is quality content. All the other efforts are useless if your visitors do not get value through informative and engaging content. Some of the most common content problems are poorly written titles, heading, overly long posts and others too short. The WordPress plugin has a feature that enables you to preview your work before it gets published. It gives a replica of how the content will look like once it is published. It further checks if your site has sufficient length and even suggests possible ways to optimize the content. In addition, it checks if your heading is of sufficient length and suggests improvements that need to be done to the title.

It helps with keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is the basic SEO tactic that every website must have. Keywords help the search engine crawlers match your site with the relevant search results. Unfortunately, marketers make several mistakes when using keywords. Some forget to put the keywords on their titles and Meta Descriptions while others stuff the keywords in their posts. The SEO plugin checks the number of times that you have used the main keywords and proposes for the changes to be made. It also checks if the keywords are present in the title, on the heading and the image alt tags. You can also use the tool to bold, underline, or put your keyword in italics.

On page SEO corrections

The WordPress plugin automatically optimizes certain keywords in your post. It asks for the keywords and includes them automatically in your titles and Meta tags. It also works with targeted phrases to deliver long tail keywords and capture the target audience. On-page SEO is particularly good for enhancing efficient crawling of the page by search engine robots for easier indexing of the page. It is also one of the final checks done to your content before it goes live on the Internet.

Helps with indexing of your pages

The Internet is like a large book with millions of pages. The search engine spiders crawl the billions of pages by the use of an algorithmic process. During the crawling process, the search engine is able to determine what the site is all about. The spiders process each of the pages they crawl to add to its list the location of the page as well as the words contained. It also looks at ALT attributes, Title tags, and key content tags.

If a page is not indexed, there is little likelihood that the page will appear in any search results since the search robots do not know what the page is about. The SEO plugin helps in the indexing processes by guiding the search bots on the content as well as the tags for automatic indexing of the pages. It relieves you the need to manual presenting your site for indexing while making the process easier and faster.

Harnessing the power of the social media

Millions of active subscribers visit the social media sites each day. A part of these visitors is your target audience. It makes a lot of business sense to include the social sites as part of your overall SEO strategy. The plugin makes it easy to implement social media integration to your site by allowing you to add your Twitter and Facebook profiles to your pages. The developers are working on adding Google+ add in as well as Facebook OpenGraph to the tool.

The SEO Wizard simplifies your access to the social media and lets your followers view your page updates and new posts on the social media. By harnessing the power of the social media, you are able to bring higher traffic to the site, get more post shares among the audience making you an authority in your niche. – Find out more at the official website.

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