Best WordPress Plugins – 2016

Best WordPress Plugins – 2016

Gravity Forms: (Affiliate Link)
Foo Gallery:…
Instagram Feed:…
Google Reviews:…
Hide Featured Image:…
What the File:…
Responsive Menu:…
Easy WP SMTP:…
Contact Form 7:…

Here’s the video series for Yoast –
Here’s the video series for Gravity Forms –

15 thoughts on “Best WordPress Plugins – 2016”

  1. Hi Kori! Thanks so much for these videos! I have a few questions: I’ve been testing out a gazillion themes and plugins, and I was wondering what plugin you recommend for cleaning up all the leftover junk code once I make some final decisions and delete dozens of themes and plugins? I’ve found a couple from searching the WP plugins page. I always check to make sure a plugin is compatible w/ my version of WP, *and* that it’s been updated in the last month. I also won’t install anything with a rating below 4 stars, and I take into account how many active users there are and how many reviews. SO, as of this moment, (although I haven’t used any of them!), I have Clean Up Optimizer, WP-DBManager, WP-Optimize (which I saw has recently been acquired by Updraft), WP-Sweep and one with the catchy title, Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions. Could you tell me some of the pros and cons of each of these plugins, or maybe make a video about the topic?

  2. I want to hide all my installed plugins from "Wordpress Theme and Plugin Detectors". How can I do that I have seen many sites doing this can please tell how to hide my plugins and my theme.

  3. There are a couple of these I want to look into.
    @Hasuabi Thanks for the list and times, Very helpful : )

  4. apparently updraft plus hasn’t been updated in 2 years. can you please provide another free option for backup? thanks!

  5. Michelle Turner

    Is it possible to make a webshop in a exciting theme? I mean to add it in my WordPress website theme that is already up and running?
    Thank you

  6. Hi Kori, thanks a lot. since I am new for wordpress your vids are so helpful and really appreciated.

  7. Hi Kori, another great tutorial! Question, I’ve built several WordPress websites, using various contact forms, but whenever someone with a Yahoo! email address attempts to send a message via the forms, it won’t go through. Would Easy WP SMTP solve this problem? I am using Hostgator for my hosting company and was told this may be the problem? I’m not really familiar with the whole SMTP thing so not sure how it works. Thanks!

  8. Ashbe WordPress Blog

    Your videos are cool!I’ve just started my wordpress blog. Mutual likes and subscriptions.

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