Best WordPress SEO Plugin 2017 Gets an Upgrade – How To Get The Free Upgrades

Best WordPress SEO Plugin 2017 Gets an Upgrade – How To Get The Free Upgrades

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin 2017 – gets a massive update to the features you’ve already seen on its landing page.

In this video I’m going to reveal some of the latest improvements for the best wordpress seo plugin 2017 nominee. Last year, the Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin did get to be called a TOP 3 SEO Plugin by many publications such as the Search Engine Journal and the Search Engine Watch.

This year it’s time to get Squirrly.

Like: really, really Squirrly because our best wordpress seo plugin 2017 version of the software already has amazing features for 2017. What we’ve secretly been working on is Squirrly 2018. Yes, that’s right.

I know it’s a big spoiler. It’s a big reveal. Watch the video and see why we came to the conclusion that it’s time to get really squirrly with our wordpress seo plugin.

You know that until now Squirrly SEO loads 3 x times faster than any other wp seo plugin. If you’ve seen the page I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this description, you’ve seen that it offers 7 x times more power for wordpress seo. I can only tell you that the updates we’ve created since the 2016 version have been incremental. They are super valuable, but they are incremental. They are worthy of the title: best wordpress seo plugin 2017.

Squirrly SEO 2018, however, will blow any SEO problems or pains out of the water. Just watch the video. I mention why.

Thanks for sticking with us for so long. It’s amazing to be able to help so many of you with the software we’ve built. I am a super SEO geek and I love ecommerce as well, so Squirrly 2018 is the thing that I’ve always needed and I’ve never had.

Without further ado, let’s see the best wordpress seo plugin 2017 updates:

Fixed the Canonical link for some WP Themes
Added forced keyword update in Squirrly SEO Settings
Added a new Country in the Rank Option section
Fixed Canonical link for facebook Open Graph
Don’t show the Canonical Link if Squirrly SEO is off
Fixed keyword saving on post update
Happy New Year!
Added Instagram and Pinterest in Social Json-LD
Fixed the connection issue in some cases when a keyword is modified
Fixed memory load when not using Squirrly SEO
Fixed bug for Google Analytics AMP version
Fixed both title and description when include price value
Compatible with WP 4.7
Added Open Graph Image for First Page when the first page is a blog feed
Fixed small css issues in post editor
Fixed duplicate title removal
Added AMP Analytics from Google
Compatible with WP 4.6.1
Fixed SEO Page Optimization for Post Feed Page and Home Page
Update SEO features
Added Facebook Pixel Tracking Code in Squirrly – SEO – Tracking
Added more Copyright Free images in Squirrly SEO Live Assistant from:
Fixed loading the SEO Live Assistant when a page is not optimized for a keyword
Fixed the connection issues between the plugin and API when a post is saved
Fixed the Squirrly Snippet when connected as Editor or Author

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  1. Florin, will you have utility for entering both Google Tag Manager codes or just one box for Google Analytics?

  2. amazing plugin and yes it has been making me an SEO superstar..Good stuff. You definitely get what you pay for! By the way this is chris from

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