Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare Review

Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare Review

Get the Social Warfare Plugin here –

Social Warfare for WordPress has been updated to version 2.0 and this video is a full review and demonstration of the plugin.

See the plugin in action and get a comprehensive view of all the features and options available. If you’ve downloaded multiple social sharing plugins or social sharing button plugins you’ve probably encountered all sorts of frustrations with limited functionality, hideous design or a plugin that slows down your site to an unusable speed.

Social Warfare is the only plugin you will need and offers the customization you have craved without sacrificing any of the features or functionality you want.

Get the Social Warfare 2.0 Plugin Here –

4 thoughts on “Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare Review”

  1. Reilander Pickups

    Aww dude, I had subscribed to SW just before I found your vid, otherwise I would have used your affiliate link… Your run through really helped with the setup.

  2. Now this is what I call a proper tutorial. Thanks, Dave. You did a really great job in this video – you really helped me with this. Had to subscribe to your channel!

    "And that comment about your wife and putting food on the table? That was funny. But I definitely know what you mean (cause I can relate)".

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