Bitnami Application Tutorial – WordPress Beginner Friendly

Bitnami Application Tutorial – WordPress Beginner Friendly

Bitnami is also available for Windows! Not only for mac!!
Wordpress is not only for blogging!
You can build up a powerful shop system for example!

In this video we install wordpress on a mac with bitnami, which is also available for windows. BitNami stacks are available for popular web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and MediaWiki. In addition to the application itself, the stacks include the other software required to run that application. For example, a WordPress stack will include WordPress, as well as the MySQL database to manage data, Apache Web server to serve the pages, and phpMyAdmin to administer MySQL. BitNami installers are released under the Apache License 2.0

You can install other Applications Odoo (formerly OpenERP)
But there are a lot more apps out there:
Wordprss (Powerful CMS)
Joomla (CMS)
Redmine (Bug Tracking)
Drupal (Powerful CMS)
Ametys (CMS)
WAMP Stack (Infrastructure)
CraftBukkit Minecraft (Games)
Cloud Tools for Google Cloud Platform
Magento (e-Commerce)
ProcessWire (CMS)
ownCloud (Media Sharing)
WildFly (Infrastructure)
LAMP Stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP/Python/Perl)
PrestaShop (e-Commerce)
CMS Made Simple (CMS)
GitLab (Version Control)
SiteCake (CMS)
MediaWiki (Wiki)
MEAN (Infrastrucuture)
Ruby Stack (Infrastructure)
Dream Factory (Mobile Development)
Alfresco (CMS)
Ghost (Blog)
phpBB (Forum)
OpenERP, Odoo (ERP)
CiviCRM (CRM),
Django Stack (Infrastructure)
TestLink, (Continuous Integration)
Dolibarr (CRM)
Artifactory (Binary Repository)
DokuWiki (Wiki)
Tiny Tiny RSS (News Aggregator)
Osclass (Online Classfieds)
GitLab CI (Continuous Integration)
Zurmo (CRM)
Roundcube (Email)
WAPP Stack (Infrastructure)
Horde Groupware Webmail (Email)
Liveray (Portal Server)
OXID eShop (e-Commerce)
MAMP Stack (Infrastrucutre)
Open Atrium (Project Management)
Discourse (Forum)
Apache Solr (Infrastructure)
Tiki (CMS)
Tomcat (Infrastructure)
ResourceSpace (Photo Sharing)
Trac (Bug Tracking)
Jenkins (Continous Integration)
Chyrp (Blog)
JasperReports (Business Intelligence)
Cloud Tools for Windows Azure
Node.js (Infrastructure)
PhpCompta (Accounting)
Review Board (Code Review)
Weblate (Tranlation Tools)
Gitorious (Version Control)
Plone (CMS)
Subversion (Version Control)
ThinkUp (Social Networking)
concrete5 (CMS)
WebPack (Blog)
Tracks (Planning)
DevPack (Bundles)
LAPP Stack (Infrastructure)
LimeSurvey (Poll Management)
Gallery (Photo Sharing)
Pootle (Translation Tools)
Mantis (Bug Tracking)
Piwik (Analytics)
OSQA (Forum)
Cloud Tools for AWS
Spree (e-Commerce)
Publify (Blog)
JBoss (Infrastructure)
Radiant (CMS)
Coppermine (Photosharing)
eZ Publish (CMS)
MAPP Stack (Infrastructure)
EnanoCMS (CMS)
JRuby Stack (Infrastrucutre)
Roller (Blog)

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