Building Muscle with the Alkaline Diet

Building Muscle with the Alkaline Diet

So how about if you’re in the position where you want to GAIN weight, gain muscle – either to get toned or to bulk up. Is the alkaline diet good for muscle growth?

The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY!

Of course you need to make a few tweaks but let’s remember:

– building muscle is all about having healthy blood and healthy cells

And there is not an approach to health that is more powerful for cleansing the blood, building beautiful clean red blood cells, and getting your health working optimally at a cellular level than the alkaline diet. It’s the WHOLE POINT of the alkaline diet.

When you add to this the focus on healthy fats and hydration, you’re ticking off all the boxes needed for muscle growth.

The only tweaks we need to make compared to the ‘general public’ is the addition of more protein and a little more volume of food. Both are easy on the alkaline diet.

First let’s dispel the myth that the alkaline diet – or any healthy, dairy-free, meat-free diet is low in protein.

A ‘Typical Alkaline Daily Menu’ – with simple alkaline meals like smoothies, wraps and an alkaline curry for dinner – alone provides nearly 90g of protein. If you added a little more to this simple daily menu then you would easily push this as high as 120g or more if needed.

This approach to health is NOT low in protein. The average person doing moderate exercise would get more than enough. If you’re a gym-goer, then you will easily get enough to build lean muscle mass and develop a strong body.

Here are my top tips for tweaking the Alkaline Diet to build muscle.

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