Bypass Passcode iPhone iOS 6.1.3

Bypass Passcode iPhone iOS 6.1.3

If this theory were true, would be significantly reduced the quantity of iPhones that are inaccessible to the FBI.


How to Camouflage Folders without jailbreak
to permanently hide apps ..or just customize:

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If you hide apps by this way ⬆️ everything stays where you left off when turn off your iPhone.

You can keep your apps permanently hidden in invisible folders; when reboot, everything remains so (with the old trick the apps reappear after restarting).
The downside is that you can not do it with any wallpaper, only works with grey background.

New iOS 9 Trick Nested Folders Glitch:

Beware! Steal your WhatsApp account is easy, and Siri betrays you:

Embarrassing iOS 8 patch:

New Trick iOS 8.2 Put MANY Folders Into One – Nested Folders (With Reduce Motion)

How to Hide any App in iOS 8 Easily !

iOS 6.1.3 new security flaw, but can be avoided easily. You should disable the “Voice Dial” option if you want to be safe.

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