Classify – Classified Ads WordPress Theme Installation

Classify – Classified Ads WordPress Theme Installation

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Hello Friends,
Let me show you how you can setup Classify theme.
1- Have You Installed WordPress?
2- Have You Download Folder from themeforest?
3- Have You Extract that?
4- Now You will have these folders?
5- Right?
So Come To WordPress .
Come To Themes.
Select theme zip File.
Click on Install Now And Wait…..!
Now Active Theme.
Now Install Plugins.
Ok Now Come to Import and Import data.
Now Wait…..
Ok Done, Now Import Slider File.
Now Select Home Page.
Now Come To Theme Setting
You must need to put URL here.
First Select SEO Friendly URL.
Now come To All Pages.
Copy URL and Paste here.
Press Save Setting.
Select fonts And Colors
Select Themes Colors
Put Your Social Links
Put Twitter API if you want to use Twitter widget.
From here you can translate these fixed words.
Fill for contact page.
If You want to use PayPal Payment Option then you need to put info here.
But We have Featured Ads option other then Payment you can also use that.
Just Click on OFF And Put One Category here Like Featured Category.
So Now Theme Setup is complete.

Thanks for watching. 🙂

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