Common issues with a wordpress membership site and an easy solution for $10

Common issues with a wordpress membership site and an easy solution for $10
Get A Fully Managed Secure WordPress Membership Site Built And Cloud Hosted For You For Only $10 A Month!
Membership sites can be a great way to build an income because monthly and/or annual payments can be made to generate an income on a continuous basis.

This can be very appealing as a business model because you aren’t selling a one time product but creating a continuous revenue stream which requires far fewer people to maintain a good source of income.

But there are a few challenges to build a membership website.
Basically you should be that dedicated enough to continue to research in your niche to keep generating enough content and value in your system that your members want to continue paying you or stick with your membership.

It is a big challenge for new website / business owners without the technical knowledge to build such a system and set it up to automate for them so that all they have to worry about is marketing their business name

Setting up A Membership website using WordPress.
WordPress is the cheapest way to get this done without much upfront costs, that’s why I would proceed with WordPress.
One need to make sure that their membership area is so secure that without a subscription no one should even accidentally stumble or hack to the members area. For that one need to acquire or buy those plugins that makes it possible.

One needs to have a proper payment and content delivery system in place. It could be either accepting Credit cards or Plain and simple Paypal.

The system should be completely automated that provides or blocks access to protected content based on their subscription level that they have paid for without the need for manual interference like adding or removing members or having to keep track of who paid and for how long their access is valid etc.

Common Membership Models
One could have their entire website protected, or only certain sections of it can be accessed only after the visitor subscribes. Once the subscription period is expired they would have to make a payment to renew and access the content.
Certain sites work on the concept where they display teaser content (Sales Content) and the actual membership content is protected below the same page which can be accessed only by subscribing.

Another very popular system is called drip feeding, where the content would be spread across a few months or weeks and members get new content revealed to them within their members area as time passes by. The longer they stay more and more content would be revealed to them.

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