Common issues with a wordpress membership site and an easy solution for only $10
Ready To Do Business websites For The new Age Businesses.
A website has become a necessity for any kind of organization today for brand building. A beautifully designed and enlightening website is the most cost effective way you can touch any corner of the world in a matter of few seconds and deliver the prospective customers a quick look of the services you offerring.
Irrespective of what kind of website you demand, we can offer you everything to satisfy your particular needs. Whether it is an AdSense website, Amazon affiliate site, e-commerce website, dynamic website, blog or video site, we can customize a website to suit your own needs precisely and manage it for you.
We realize that everybody in this world needs a website or quite a few of them over their lifetime. One of the best CMS platforms to building a website is WordPress. But many lack in the technical skills that is needed to build a website for business online.
The basics involved in setting up a Website.
One needs to know about basic web-hosting, that is, to buy a domain name and point to their hosting account where they have setup their website.
One needs to know what kind of hosting they need based on their research and budget. Either the old fashioned HTML or the new generation most popular CMS system like WordPress. Both has its own learning curves. If its just a single page then HTML site is the best way to go, say for example a sales page or a squeeze page which is designed to do just one or two simple functions.
If you need a site with a lot more pages and frequent updates along with the option to change the look and feel to basically make it do literally anything you want from a website, then WordPress is the best way to go forward with.
Having a WordPress website has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are much more but one needs to spend some time on it to keep it updated, ie remove plugins that are not needed or compatible and going for better ones that can do a function better. Keeping the WordPress core installation up to date is very important. You need to know how to make effective use of plugins to secure and protect it from hacks.
One need to do some research and get a basic idea of what plugins they need to acquire to make their WordPress website functions complete while also being Socially and SEO wise.
You should have a good understanding of the proper means to backup and restore or retrace the website whenever an issue. Just the knowledge is not enough but there is a need for actual time/ or money.
Advantages of A Managed WordPress Hosting
Unmanaged hosting is the best way to learn everything to give you a strong fundamental approach to your online business. But On a Managed WordPress website, generally most of these technical server or software issues are taken care for you.
One doesn’t have to worry about their site maintenance functions like keeping their WordPress installations upto date.
Better protection against malware or better security.
Easy options to backup & restore.
Faster websites by use of premium caching systems they have like Cloud distribution for the website content etc.
Advantages of Our Managed Hosting
In many cases even when somebody builds a WordPress website, he would have to buy a premium theme and quite a few premium plugins and scripts that is needed in order to give certain functions for his website. It could cost anywhere between $100 to $1000 for a website approximately. Now for another website concept a whole lot of different set of plugins or themes are needed.
Our Network is all about providing ready made business website solutions for you. We can build any kind of website for you after discussing and finding your needs. All you pay is $10 a month, no other costs. You can think of our as a service where you have a WordPress developer any time you want to improvise your website.
Customer’s benefits with our website
Customers can build an ecommerce website, or a membership site where they can sell subscriptions for their customers, or they can build an affiliate website, a real estate portal or literally anything that they can think of.
We will assist in importing a customer’s existing website into our platform.
All the images and customer uploads would be done directly to Amazon S3 servers so that it does not take the load or storage from the website and also would load faster.
These websites would be delivered using Amazon Cloudfront and Cloudflare CDN.
Our customers will have access to 100s of Internet marketing video training tutorials.

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