Create an Online Store in WordPress (eCommerce Website) – 2017

Create an Online Store in WordPress (eCommerce Website) – 2017

How to make an online store website in WordPress made easier for beginners. Learn how to launch and sell your goods with help from an experienced online store owner. Join us for our best eCommerce tutorial yet but if you can’t stay then after 1 hour 15 min you will at least have a WordPress website with WooCommerce setup.

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Download Theme (Referral Link)

How to Make a Quick WordPress Edit 7:01
See a Real Sale 8:46

Get Ready to Start Building 17:25
Introduction: Learn The Steps and Costs 19:05

First Section: Complete The Web Development

Get Domain and Hosting 26:34
Andrew — Choosing a Great Domain Name 34:32
Install WordPress 36:09
Reset Nameservers Waiting for WP to Install 42:56

Second Section: Learn The Web Design

Login to WordPress 48:08
Get Flatsome 57:00
Choose Flatsome Layout 1:07:07
Setup WooCommerce 1:08:50
Delete/Add plugins 1:12:48
Delete/Modify Pages 1:15:51
Establish Homepage 1:18:16
Edit Homepage 1:20:13
Create Menus 1:25:40
Welcome to Customize 1:32:32

The Fun Stuff

How My Demo Sites Work 1:35:40
Download Images 1:37:26
Adjust Primary and Secondary Colors 1:40:00
Homepage Slider 1:41:34
Mission Boxes 2:05:39
HostGator — Real Visit 2:12:47
Add Products 2:13:40
Change a Title 2:14:53
Andrew — Will My Products Sell? 2:29:25
Add New Arrivals 2:31:30
Playing With Products 2:38:00
Only Show Specific Products 2:38:50
Featured Boxes 2:42:12
On Sale Products 2:48:25
Coupons 2:53:00
Variable Prodcuts (sizes, colors, etc) 2:54:22
Andrew — Expert Marketing and Advertising 3:03:05
Large Banner The Weekend (Create Advertisement) 3:06:29
Testimonials 3:11:03
Add The Blog 3:20:45
Andrew — About His Blog 3:30:33
Lower Promo Slider 3:30:41
Edit Lower Product Categories 3:37:15
Setup Footer 3:39:38

Header 4:02:53

Andrew — When You’re Done Editing 5:04:37
Create Logo from Scratch 4:03:43
Add Copyright Credits 4:08:59
Insert Logo on Website 4:10:37
Topbar Text 4:14:38
Social Follow Icons 4:15:10
Headers Newsletter Popout 4:18:31

Final Details 4:22:12

As Featured On 4:22:56
Complete Payment Methods 4:37:16
Shipping Methods 4:50:16
Copyright Details 4:58:00
Make Your Dashboard an eCommerce Dashboard 5:03:10
Andrew — How to Know When Your Site is Done 5:04:37
Thank You’s 5:06:20
Andrew — Quitting a Job at Google to Work from Home 5:07:41

See our Flatsome giveaway on the blog post link above! ­čÖé

PS I’m convincing Andrew (our store owner expert) and Flatsome to stick around in the comments this week so don’t be shy ask your best questions!

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