Dunamis – Modern Church theme | Website Templates and Themes

Dunamis – Modern Church theme | Website Templates and Themes

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Dunamis is a modern Church theme designed for churches and religious movements around the globe. This theme will support your church with a modern look and advanced functionality by a Elite Author known for clear and perfect coding practices. With Dunamis you can take donations, od Podcasting, blog, have events and more with our pleasing to the eye interface. As always you can count on Net-Labs for stellar support and assistance with all your queries. Update instructions here Changelog January 8, 2016 – version 1.4 Update – Revolution sllider plugin updated Update – TGM Plugin and theme updater. improve – Faster handling for favicons in the header fix – make the map units to be set via the shortcode and not autodetected add – manual override of map metrics fix – driving directions layout bug. add – ability to add shortcodes insode of accordions and tabs. Update – Nouislider updated to version 8.0.2 Update – FITVIDS to version 1.1 Update – Jquery customselect to version 0.5.1 fix – 3rd level dropdowns not moved to the left when the mega menu is not being used. fix – Enabling correct Google font Enqueueing with ssl certificates Mar 23 2015 – version 1.3 fix – Paypal currency selection sometimes select the incorrect currency type fix – Developer testing flag left behind in the front page calendar component fix – Sermon widget does not link to alternative sermons fix – Video widget in footer not opening in lightbox fix – Color of the donations form slider not changing to the current color fix – driving directions not automatically selecting between imperial and metric selections fix – Adding of a child theme ot the child theme box fix – various enhanements for better integration with WordPRess 4.1 add – Proper and valid itunes feed add – Itunes feed widget update – Revolution slider update to version 4.6.5 Sept 14, 2104 – version 1.2 fix – Clearing of widget floats not working with Jetpack plugin fix – z-index issue in post editor adds post editor toolbar on top of page builder fix – single page sermons showing the excerpt and a “read more” button fix – front page page builder blog page breaks with some plugins. fix – calendar permalink shows a portfolio entry fix – gridstack buttons background color not following main color scheme fix – better handling for sermon archives with permalink settings fix – wordkaround for various ios8 rendering bugs fix – site title showing in body of site when adding favicons add – added Brazil Real to the curency list add – added locations to all calendar items change – change term payment to donation in Donation form update – Revolution slider update to version 4.6.0 Sept 14, 2104 – version 1.1 fix – Countdown timer not calculating time offset fix – WordPress 4.0 update breaks styling of mediacast player fix – mediacast permalinks fix – child theme naming issue fix – renaming of the give online button to a more international naming convention fix – mobile menu icon colors follow menu color settings fix – Paypal payment pageredirect for live payments
Buyer Rating: 4.69 stars 4.69 average based on 98 ratings. (more information) 5 Star 78{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} 77 4 Star 17{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} 17 3 Star 1{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} 1 2 Star 1{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} 1 1 Star 2{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} 2

tags: church, clergy, donations, events, ministry, mission, outreach, pagebuilder, podcast, religious, responsive
download Dunamis – Modern Church theme | Website Templates and Themes
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