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Notice: We are trying our best to aid all our customers in building their website the way they want, but we cannot offer compatibility with each and every plugin out there. If there is need for such modifications in the theme’s structure, changes will be charged extra. The same rule is applied to custom changes that have nothing to do with the theme. I hope you understand our position and we are sorry for any inconvenience. Update 1.396 – 18.06.2015 – Pending approval Updated prettyphoto. Files changed: /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/prettyPhoto/jquery.prettyPhoto.js /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/style.css – version change Update 1.395 – 23.04.2014 Fixed the shortcode inserting with wordpress 3.9 update. Files changed: /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/accordion/accordion-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/columns/columns-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/content-holders/content-holders-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/image/image-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/lists/lists-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/popeye/popeye-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/slideshow/slideshow-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/tabs/tabs-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/tour/tour-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/style.css – version change Update 1.39 – 16.12.2013 Fixed the popeye layout. Fixed the cufon replacement for the nivo slider. Checked if there are errors with the new wordpress 3.8 Files changed: /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_slider/engine/js/slider-nivo.js /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/css/utilities/slider-popeye.css /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/style.css – version change Update 1.38 – 12.08.2013 Updated jquery to be compatible with wordpress 3.6.1. Files changed: wp-content/themes/duotive-two/js/jquery.js Update 1.37b – 21.1.2013 Updated the twitter widget. Files changed: wp-content/plugins/duotive-twitter-widget/twitter.php Update 1.37 – 11.12.2012 Update to fix problem with nivo slider. Updated cufon for retina displays. Files changed: wp-content/themes/duotive-two/css/utilities/slider-nivo.css wp-content/themes/duotive-two/js/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js wp-content/themes/duotive-two/js/cufon-yui.js wp-content/themes/duotive-two/js/style.css – only version change Update 1.36 Fixed issue with saving social links in the footer area. Updated prettyphoto script to work with ie9. Updated jQuery. Checked theme to work with wordpress 3.3 Update 1.35 Updated timthumb, in order to fix a possible security breach. Update 1.34 Changed the theme core to be compatible with Internet Explorer 9 Update 1.33 Fixed problem with full width slider on all pages. Fixed problem with Duotive Slider Manager and moving wordpress location. Fixed problem with image resizing and some webhosts ( hostgator ). Update 1.32 Fixed browser problems with anchors and Internet Expolorer and Chrome. Fixed typo in sharing labels. Update 1.315 Minor javascript fix that resolves 1.31 issue with sliders. Update 1.31 Created a new widget: Duotive Contact Form Added videos in documentation for displaying blogs and portfolio usage in newer versions of the theme. Fixed problem with text logo and alignment of sliders Fixed incompatibility between full width slider autoplay and bottom content slider Fixed contact form inclusion of name in e-mail Update 1.3 NEW FEATURE ! Easy shortcodes, no need to check the documentation, the shortcodes are displayed in wordpress editor as buttons for easy usage in content. NEW FEATURE ! Added nivo slider with 6 predefined transition effects, and the posibility to turn on/off caption, next-prev buttons and bullets. NEW FEATURE ! Added 5 more social icons for footer. Fixed content scroller with incompatibility with chrome. Fixed some typos reported by users. Thanks for that. Corrected some work flow issues. Update 1.28 NEW FEATURE ! Custom color for every page or post; NEW FEATURE ! Custom background image in header for every post and page. Example: Custom background image and color with portfolio with 4 columns and full width Custom background image and color with portfolio with sidebar and 2 columns Custom color with blog with a post list Custom color with blog with intro gallery Custom color and background for gallery with 4 columns landscape Custom color and background for gallery with 4 columns portrait Custom color for gallery with 5 columns square Update 1.27 Fixed problem with drop

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