Easy Responsive Tabs – WordPress Plugin to Add Tabbed Content Easily – ImagineWP

Easy Responsive Tabs – WordPress Plugin to Add Tabbed Content Easily – ImagineWP

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## Resources
– Easy Responsive Tabs – http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-responsive-tabs/
– Elegant Themes Post – http://bit.ly/1xuSyQL

## Easy Responsive Tabs

What’s up guys (and gals)…

The other day I read an article over on the Elegant Themes Blog about using tabbed content to help break up content on a page. They listed a bunch of different plugins that allow us to do that fairly easily, so I thought we would look at two of them. Today’s is Easy Responsive Tabs by OsCitas Themes.

The plugin installation is pretty much normal and there are very few actual settings to the initial plugin. The magic happens when we click into a page and click the little icon that allows us to add a set of tabbed information.

After choosing a bunch of settings we add our content and view the page. Straight out of the box it really is pretty good! However, being who I am I decided to go ahead and make a few changes via CSS. Namely we add a bit of padding to the tab buttons and remove the line below the tab buttons…

That’s pretty much it. A quick overview of a pretty good little plugin that just might be exactly what you are looking for if you want to add tabbed content to your WordPress pages.


P.S. Feel free to comment below with questions, comments etc…

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