Famous 5 Minute WordPress Install Tutorial

Famous 5 Minute WordPress Install Tutorial

In this WordPress tutorial we will look at how to manually install WordPress using the Famous 5-minute WordPress Install. We look at what applications and information you need to complete the install, how to create a database using MySQL, uploading WordPress using a FTP & Cloud browser like Cyberduck, creating a wp-config file and creating your WordPress login information.

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42 thoughts on “Famous 5 Minute WordPress Install Tutorial”

  1. @Valerie Cudnik – Thank you for providing some great security advice. While this is an excellent suggestion for locking down your backend, the idea of this video was to follow closely to the WordPress instructions for manual installation. We are looking at creating a video or two on building a "Bullet Proof" WordPress site and I will be sure and have this included in the conversation. Cheers!

  2. Hi, I’m running into a bit of an issue around 3:42. I do not get a page that offers to configure wp. I get a page from my host with the name of my website and related links (because there is no content on my website.). Did I do something wrong? How can I fix this?

  3. it’s all based on the fact you are using Host Gator, So in case you don’t, tutorial is complete useless

  4. If you are using regular FTP, DON’T!
    Use a more secure protocol like *SFTP* to encrypt your connection.

    Also, if your website doesn’t have HTTPS, then your admin password is being sent plaintext over the Internet.

  5. Kayla Christensen

    Great video! I am stuck just at the end though.  I’m using Host Gator and accessed the file manager at the end to upload the WP files to the public html but I can’t seem to figure out how to do so. Also, I have a Go Daddy domain and website builder…. does that website builder need to be deleted so that WP will work?  Thanks!

  6. Matt Friedrichs

    I’m the biggest noob ever and was able to install WP thanks to this awesome tutorial. Thumbs up from me and keep up the great work!

  7. I’m on a mac and my wordpress is only accessible when MAMP severs are running. But the moment I close MAMP or click "stop servers" the wordpress is inaccessible. How do I change this? I want my wordpress to be accessible to the public when I’m off my computer (obviously). So confused please help!

  8. @erajuga thank you for watching! You are unable to perform installations to a cPanel demo site. You will need to purchase your own hosting account. To access cPanel on a domain you own, you typically just need to type in the URL associated with the account followed by /cpanel. If you need further assistance we have a whole community of people that would be happy to help you in our support forums listed in the video description.

  9. i have to install so much bs on my computer to get it running, and to download that bs i have to download more bs. still dont get it to work. 5 minutes my ass

  10. EnglishLessonInfo

    I think you should mention that users need to point their domain name to a server via their hosting company. This was an easy to follow tutorial but I couldn’t open my site until I changed the dns on my hosting account.

  11. Valerie Cudnik

    Good stuff… all the way until you left the default prefix as "wp_". As a security measure this should be changed to something else… anything else. Code injections depend on defaults.

  12. Thank you Josh.. your instructions were precise and easily understood – just perfect for the newbie! 🙂

  13. @WeTeachWP – Thanks for watching and thanks for the feedback. You are correct. Most security professionals are saying that It is of little value…if any.

  14. UDesignFitness

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was the first video that took me step b step and DID NOT matter what host or cPanel you had. Thanks for the simplicity. But what video is the next?

  15. Soap Opera Nation

    The more I do this the easier it becomes. Much thanks for a clear, concise and highly effective tutorial.

  16. How’d you get to cpanel? I’ve tried their demo but it kept saying "This feature is disabled in demo mode."

  17. Soap Opera Nation

    Wonderful tutorial! After I figured out where my public_html folder was everything else went smoothly. Thanks!

  18. Valerie Cudnik

    BTW, your menu has a typo. Skip to Insall, should be Skip to Install

    I’ve never seen a menu like that on a video… that’s AWESOME!

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