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Plan Features

What is covered in all the plans?

All three hostalamo.com wordpress maintenance plans have identical service features: This includes:

15 Gig VPS-SSD drive with Cpanel– We offer a 15 Gig SSD fast drive on A VPS for hosting your website. Our servers are located in the United States with our affiliated partners. Each domain has direct Cpanel access and includes Softaculous installer.  Web hosting is linux based with php/mysql configuration and  also includes upto 5 email accounts and 5 MySQl databases. We can add additional email or MySQL database free of charge. For support on our web hosting please submit a support ticket.
24 x 7 hosting support– Our tech tools monitor your website around the clock. Any issues are reviewed by our tech support staff and followed up immediately. We do offer a ticket support system during normal business hours from 9AM-6PM- Central-USA.
Daily Backup– Your website and database is backed up every 24-36 hours. In the event of any issues, you have a backup ready for you to restore your website. If you have a website over 1 gig data we suggest you backup a copy regularly for restore via FTP on your local PC as downloading a backup of over 1 gig can be problematic.  We do install a backup buddy plugin for weekly could backup of your website. We usually keep backups for one month. This is a weekly backup in addition to the server backup which is only available for 24-36 hours and is then rewritten to a new backup the next day.
Malware Monitoring– We deploy a malware monitoring tool on each website which scans for malware on a daily basis. In the event there is an issue, we notify you for appropriate action.
Core / Plugin updates– Our tech support will automatically update your core files and plugins.
Weekly performance analysis– Our Systems admin perform a weekly analysis of your website and submit a performance report on speed, security issues, and other suggestions that might be helpful to your website functionalities.
10{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} discount on web services– We provide a 10{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} discount for any web development work for all signed customers. Our standard rate is $65.00 / hour. Please submit your request to our contact section by detailing your request and we will be happy to quote you on the project. We require 50{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} deposit prior to start of any project.
Premier Cache included– Our cache plugin is rated as the best in the industry. It includes page caching, browser caching, database optimization, CDN, multi-site compatibility, DNS prefetching, and a range of other options.
Web App Firewall (WAF) / CDN: (Highly recommended & included in all packages) – We utilize the state of the art premier CDN  which includes a web application firewall that provides security, speed, and scale to websites. In addition our WAF’s developers’ behavioral and reputational algorithms block even the most sophisticated bots from scanning, learning or attacking common points of compromise.  CDN requires configuration in the domain records and this service is provided at no extra cost to each client.

Why pricing is different when all plans have the same features?

Each plan as mentioned has the same features. We are the first in the industry to offer this unique service. However, monthly price is slightly different for each plan.

For example if you just want to pay on a month to month basis then you would be paying $49.00 per month (C. Standard Plan ).

With an additional 10{6c85689da4238259371ec3643cce4c730fb2096ba6fc33e37ce8e8dc99f3f604} discount you could select the B. Advanced plan ($45.00/Mo) but you would need to pay 6 months in advance to signup for this plan. Due to the overheads involved we encourage our customers to signup for an extended term service.

With an additional 20{6c85689da4238259371ec3643cce4c730fb2096ba6fc33e37ce8e8dc99f3f604} discount you could signup for the A. Premier plan ($39.00/Mo). Even though all the features are the same, this plan allows us to utilize long range planning in the most efficient and cost effective way possible on your website.

Customer Satisfaction- Response time & cancellations

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Once you signup with hostalamo.com your website is analyzed and backed up within 24 hours and appropriate tools are deployed to secure your website. Please notify us if you have any questions and we would be happy to respond on the same day during business hours (9pm-6pm-U.S. Central) or the following day. Our tech support monitors all websites during the weekend hours. Any changes or issues will be reported to you through your designated email. Our chat support will be available soon. Help desk ticket can be generated 7×24.

Refund/ Cancellation: If you are not satisfied with our services, we would offer a refund within a certain time period depending on the service plan. For monthly signups, we offer a full refund if you send us a written notification within 7 business days. After the 7th day, you could still cancel the service but sorry we do not offer a refund after that time limit. For those that have signed a 6 month plan or an annual plan , we would allow upto 30 days to cancel your service. If you inform us within 7 days, you would receive a full refund. If you inform us after 7 days and before the 30th day, we would charge you for one month and would reimburse you the balance immediately within 10 days of receiving your notification.

How do I pay for a service?

We only use PAYPAL for all our payments. We do not collect any financial information from our customers. Once you select a plan you will review the terms and conditions and move forward to a secured section of PAYPAL where you will directly make payments to PAYPAL.

What types of websites are included in your plans?

HostAlamo caters to personal or service oriented business websites. Our preferred customers include construction companies, technical engineering companies, home improvement companies, remodeling companies, commercial service companies, insurance companies, law firms, and other related service companies. Each plan is strictly for one website or domain. Any multi domains or multi-sites are not covered in our plans. Please contact us at admin@hostalamo.com for multi-sites or multi-directory projects. Our plans do not cover large enterprise level websites. Please contact us for special pricing to support large multi level websites. We also do not provide any maintenance services or host any customers for adult content websites. All websites must have lawful contents. We reserve the right to cancel any websites that do not meet our guidelines or follow U.S. laws in operating a web site.

Steps after you Signup

What will happen after I sign up?

Once you signup on your plan, we would contact you to get all details about your website information & your WordPress login information. Before any transfer, we typically do a backup of your domain and database and run a malware scanner to determine if your website is clean. If your website is already malware infected, there is a charge of $150.00 per site to clean malware through our partners. Once the site is cleaned, we would assist you in transferring your site to our server. If you prefer to keep your website with your existing hosting provider, please let us know and we will still provide you with full maintenance services.

We have a special section dedicated to our customers where you will submit via secured page all the pertinent information. If you are transferring your domain to our server, then you would add our name servers to your domain account once we have done our backup and malware test. Our name servers will be provided to you immediately after you sign up. As soon as your domain is pointed to our servers, we would add your domain to our VPS server, setup a cpanel account for you to transfer your website, your MySQL database,  and email accounts (if requested).

Due to our budget pricing, domain transfers cost to our server is not included in our hosting plans. We charge $ 45.00 to transfer your cpanel domain account to our server for one single domain. Please submit a ticket if you need assistance from us.

For clients that are signing up a new website, we can assist you in setting up your website and install wordpress at no extra cost. For new clients we would highly recommend to install a fresh SSL certificate on your website right from the start. Please let us know how we can help you. At HostAlamo our customers are priority Number 1.

I cant reach my website?

It is possible that once we take over the plan, we may close your website for a short while to backup your site/database, review your website composition and run security tools. We do this prior to installing certain tools and hardening your website as a standard procedure.  Please be assured that our work will be done as quickly as possible.

what can you do, if my host server is down?

You can submit a ticket to us and we will assist you in any issues related to the server. Please keep in mind that there may be other issues not related to the server such as any plugins you have installed or any other conflicts that may be contributing to your website. We are not directly responsible for any plugins that you may have installed on your website. However, we can assist you in minor troubleshooting but this is a primarily a customer issue. You may have to deactivate the plugin or contact the plugin developer for assistance.

What to do if there are any internal server errors?

If you find any internal server errors on your website for any reason, please contact us. We would try to diagnose the issue. In many cases, internal server errors could be related to the file systems. For example the most common cause of a 500 Internal Server Error message is a corrupt .htaccess file. There may be additional reasons such as a an issue with the server, a plugin conflict or a theme conflict, or even a corrupt WordPress installation. We would strongly advise that you coordinate with us before you install any new plugins or a theme so that we can make sure there is a proper backup available. It is possible that an internal server error as we indicated may be directly a server error for which you may have to contact us through our support ticket system.

Additional Services

Do you provide assistance in web design /development services

Yes, we do provide services in web design / development services. We have a range of options on web development such as new theme installations, css tweaks, modifications, and other php related work. Please contact us by submitting the contact form

Do you provide custom web hosting services

Yes, we can formulate a custom VPS hosting plan or a dedicated server for your business. This includes managed VPS or dedicated server with our partners or custom designed and managed VPS/dedicated server  at your service provider. Please contact us via our contact form on your special needs.

Do you sell/install SSL Certificates

Yes, we do offer SSL certificates. We are an authorized provider of all major brands of SSL certificates including GEO Trust, Thawte, Comodo, Symantec, Certum, and Rapid SSL. We suggest you browse through our SSL section and let us know by sending us an email at admin@hostalamo.com on which SSL you might be interested to deploy on your domain. For our existing customers we have special discount prices on SSL certificates.

SSL Installation-All our SSL installations are directly handled by the SSL certificate provider. When you buy SSL from us, you can add installation cost to your SSL. Another option is for you to have your web host provider install your SSL. If you want us to install your SSL, our cost is $40.00 for a standard installation and $ 75.00 for an EV installation

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