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## Give Plugin for WordPress Makes Taking Donations Quite Simple and Painless

Hey everyone,

In today’s video we take a quick look at a great new plugin called Give.

We begin by installing the plugin, as always, and it really is as simple as installing just about any other WordPress plugin.

Once it is installed we go through the process of setting up a donation form and tweaking it a bit.

You can display the form on a specific page or post or simply use the widget that is provided to display a simple button to click to display a modal for the donation form.

Eventually we get around to doing a few test payments just to demonstrate how the front end of things work.

Not only does Give have a nice front end functionality but it also provides, out of the box, a bunch of easy to understand metrics to help you understand your donations.

If you need additional functionality or gateways you’ll definitely want to head over to the plugins website (link below) and look at the extensions that are offered for this plugin.

### Resources

– Give Plugin –¬†
– –
– Plugin created by –

Overall the plugin is pretty simple to understand and use; it’s definitely a good choice for anyone (churches, charities, clubs, etc) who needs to simply and easily take donations on their WordPress site.

I hope this video was helpful, thanks for watching and sharing,

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