Guide : Top Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins Online seo tools on bulkping for Site Seo Video

Guide : Top Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins Online seo tools on bulkping for Site Seo Video

Tutorial : Top Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins Free online seo tools on bulkping for Website Seo Video Top, Five, Must-Have, WordPress, Plugins ==========CLICK HERE!!! BulkPing CLICK HERE!!!==========
Top Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins
In the wonderful world of WordPress, it is essential that bloggers stray away from the default settings in order to improve the design and capabilities of their blogs. But where to start? What can you do to improve your blog? There are plugins made, both free and paid, for just about everything imaginable.

I think that the three most basic needs are:

1. Monetization
2. Optimization
3. Navigation

With this in mind, lets try to cover all our bases and find the five best plugins to solve our three basic needs in any WordPress blog.

1. All In One SEO Pack

This plugin is my go-to SEO Optimization tool for WordPress. Other than the built-in “permalink” service, this is really a must have for your website to fare well in Google (and other) search rankings. With the All In One SEO Pack, they enable you to format the titles on every single page, which I see as the most important feature for getting ranked well in searches. Notice how each page on displays “Article Info | The Net Fool”? You can format your blog like this with All In One!

This plugin goes far beyond merely changing around titles however, you can pretty much change around anything with the meta descriptions of your postings, your selected keywords that show up in search results, and even the ability to “nofollow” posts/pages of your choosing. In order to get your website search engine optimized, you need a tool like All In One SEO… and this one’s absolutely FREE ­čśÇ

2. OIO Publisher

I recently discovered this amazing WordPress plugin that “ads” a whole new functionality to your WordPress blog. Of course, I am talking about OIO Publisher, which allows you to run your own ad service where people can purchase ad slots on your page, pay through PayPal, and see their ads appear automatically! This one will run you a $37 one-time fee, but it is well worth it. It’s been called the “ultimate sales platform” for your blog, and it is a lot cheaper

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