How To Add A LightBox Video Gallery To WordPress – Tutorial

How To Add A LightBox Video Gallery To WordPress – Tutorial

How To Add A LightBox Video Gallery To WordPress
So I spent hours trying to find a WordPress Plugin that would display myYouTube videos as a gallery on my web page. Most of the free ones added a watermark plus had limited features.

Finally I came across a great plugin called Huge-IT Video Gallery.

Here are the 5 options of the video gallery:
1.Content Pop-up
Shows a video and then the content next to it
2. Content Video Slider
Click the arrow at the bottom of the slide and another will appear.
3. Lightbox Video Gallery
If you click on any one of the videos in the gallery it pops up in a lightbox and if you go down the bottom of the slide you can just scroll through the different videos in the gallery.
4. Video Slider
You’ve got the first video, then click the arrow. at the bottom to shows the next video, next video, next video, etc.
5. Thumbnail Gallery
So if you click on any of these thumbnails then a lightbox pops up and you can scroll through them by clicking the arrow at the bottom.

Steps to create a lightbox video gallery on WordPress:
Log into your WordPress dashboard
Go down to plugins
Click add new
In the search box search Huge-It Video Gallery.
Click install now.
Click video gallery
Click add new video gallery
Select from the different options..Thumbnails view, Lightbox Video Gallery, Video Slider, the content video slider and video gallery content pop-up
Select the lightbox video gallery
Start adding the videos
Add the video URL from YouTube
Add a title, description
Click insert video slide
Then I just continue adding more videos
Now I’ve got three different videos so I check the lightbox video gallery then save it.
Copy and paste the shortcode into your web page. and I’ve got the
Make sure you’re in text mode not visual mode
Click update or publish the page
Click view page
And now you will see the lightbox video gallery
If I click on any one of the videos up pops the lightbox
I can scroll through all the videos by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the slide.

That’s it!
Now you know how to Add A Lightbox Video Gallery To WordPress. I just demonstrated the free version however the paid option has many more features.

Click the link below to get the Huge-It Video Gallery Plugin.

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