How to Fix the 500 internal server error in WordPress

How to Fix the 500 internal server error in WordPress

There are times where you may experience a internal server error on your site. The main thing to remember is not to panic as this has happened to other before and there are ways to fix this. In this video, we will show you how to fix the 500 server error in WordPress.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Start by checking your .htaccess and rename it to .htaccess_old and try to connect to your site again.

If that does not work create a php.ini file add the required code and save it in the wp-admin folder.

You may need to contact your hosting company for assistance with this error.

You can also try deactivating all your plugins by renaming your plugins folder to something else.

When none of the previous options work, is to upload the wp-admin and wp-includes from a fresh WordPress install.

When all else fails contact your hosting provider for assistance with this issue.

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