How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website

How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website

How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website
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14 thoughts on “How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website”

  1. Hi, I have a problem with my wishlist page isn’t loading and also my map is not working on my contact page

  2. Hi.. thanks for that video I followed each step and got it done…my issue was, and still is now after following your video, the ADD MEDIA button/icon does not open, I cannot add content to my posts and pages..what else could be the issue?

  3. Clemens Heider

    8:25 realy? I thought, if you upload the wp-files and override the existing files, the file and directory聽permison isn麓t changeing.
    So, if you have permission troubles, this wouldn麓t help a bit I think.
    It would be helpful, if you could talk about permission settings of all the WP-directories and files (with FileZilla on a Windows PC.)

  4. Hi and thank you so much for your videos. I’m a great fan of yours, they are easy to understand and straight to the point. In this, I did have the same problems as described in your video and I followed it to the letter, however I’m getting this message, when I try to update the plugins: Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable. Could you please guide me in this, Thank you so much. Nick

  5. Hi could it resolve this issue, my content just disappeared randomly out of the blue the other day but the header and menu is showing. I can see the content when I’m in my admin panel when I turn on the themify builder. I tried deactivating all the plugins and it didn’t make a difference. Then I tried changing to a basic theme, that also didn’t sort the problem out in fact it made it worse, all my customization for my previous theme has gone and my email sign up form is no longer connected.

    I’m using Themify Ultra Theme Basic, my site is I’m quite newbie so I need really basic step by step instructions.



  6. hey man , i need help with this page am trying to make . what happen is that i start building it in wordpress everything is going well but as soon as i add certain plugins like buddypress for exemple i get a fatal error and my dashboard dissapear i dont know what to do so i create a new one and as soon as i add certain plugins same things happen again please can you help ps: when am adding plugins its like a russian roullete game

  7. hey man, I got a a question. I’m having a hard time doing my website. I got a them and everything (theme plugins) installed, but Everytime I upload a bankground image it doesn’t show up 馃檨 It shows up for a bit, about a second and then went blank 馃檨 I followed your instruction on how to overwrite everything except for the config and the other folder. do I need to just reinstall everything? i only got a few uploads anyway. I just want to make sure it will restart smoothly.

  8. reno monterosa

    Thank god for your videos! This fixed a big problem on my site when it was updated to wordpress 4.7 version. I’m so thankful for all of your videos!

  9. Ricky Bickford

    Let me start by saying your CPR聽for you website聽is one of the best video that I have watch.聽I am using WordPress 4.7.2, I was playing around with themes and something happened. But now I have lost the admin editing bar across the top of the page when viewing in admin mode, and when I make a change or add an item to a page it won’t up-date when I hit publish would your CPR fix work to correct this problem. (

  10. 讚谞讬讗诇 拽专讬讬谞专

    Hello hope you are well, I had a problem on my site, I saw your video on YouTube How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website I made the moves for showing video and still there is a problem with the website I was talking with the host and they tell me that hacking the hacker site you advice on what I can do Thanks in advance Daniel

  11. You’ve been a great help – thank you. I note that a lot of people commenting didn’t get their website to work. I am in the same boat. I do, however backup my WP site – any way of using this to reinstall my site? I tried placing mautic on a subdomain bbut my site wouldn’t come up. I deleted mautic, but get the "index" of my site. It’s there – I see it in my hosting account. So – could I upload a saved copy, and if so, how?

  12. i did just that using winrar but i get the messege "The File Manager does not support extracting this type of archive." what should i do?

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