How to Fix WordPress Problems | Fix WordPress Issues!

How to Fix WordPress Problems | Fix WordPress Issues!

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I know, WordPress Problems And Issues Suck! In this video, I show you how to fix wordpress problems and fix those wordpress issues! I know it can be tough starting out. I made many many problems with wordpress but this is where i started. Its cheap and affordable.

6 thoughts on “How to Fix WordPress Problems | Fix WordPress Issues!”

  1. I appreciate all that you do. Has been AMAZING. Thank you. I have a wordpress question. I created a site on one domain. I found a another domain I like better. How do I transfer the site to the new domain? Not forward, but transfer the contents to another domain.

  2. hi, I would like to ask u something, why a spam comment/review still appear on my website although I had mark as spam & deleted it.. it so annoying, can u help me.. ta

  3. Darrell, it’s vesta again. I need your help and so I have sent you an email so please let me know if you can help me ones you receive my email

  4. I love how much you help people – but beware everyone – I have been ripped off by fivver people along the way. :/ be careful!!!

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