How To Get the Best WordPress-YouTube SEO

How To Get the Best WordPress-YouTube SEO

If you’ve ever wondered how to get the best WordPress-YouTube SEO, here’s what I have found…

If I had to give a talk on how to best use online video and blogging together (sometimes called vlogging), I would talk about how best to put them together. What tools would I recommend? How would I use them? And what would I call such a talk? I can sum up those answers with the title that I would use for my talk: “Get The Best of Both Worlds: YouTube and WordPress.” I’m not going to talk about why WordPress and YouTube are the largest platforms and why they are the best platforms, but I will talk about how you, the person doing a video and putting it on your blog, would benefit the most from them.

WordPress-YouTube SEO

Best WordPress-YouTube SEO
1. Write Your Blog Post as a Draft
First, write your blog post but save it as a draft. There are many reasons for this but I will save the best reason for later. One reason is that it will help to flesh out your best ideas by writing your topic out on a keyboard. If you wanted to, you could just print your draft blog post and re-read it just before you do your video.

2. Jot Down Top Ideas on a 3×5 Card
Next, write down your best points on a 3×5 card. Try not to go with more than 10 because it may be difficult to try and cover each one of those in one video. However, “Top 10″ videos and videos about the 10 best or worst things are very effective, so don’t be shy about going all the way to 10.

3. Make Your Video and Post
Then make your video and post it on your YouTube channel. You can fill out the “description” field if you wish, but you will be doing some very specific things in this field for the video which are super important, but for now you can leave it blank. This is a VERY important field if you want your video to attract viewers. Do go ahead and set all the other settings such as the category and the sharing settings, etc.

4. Review Your Draft, Update and Publish
Now that you have made your video, come back to your draft blog post and re-read it. Did you talk about anything on your video that you forgot? Or maybe you came up with something while doing the video that you feel could be useful? Well, now is the time to tidy up your WordPress post, do your SEO on it and make sure to put your YouTube video after the first paragraph. My favorite WordPress plugin for SEO is the one by Yoast. He also makes a plugin for YouTube SEO for WordPress as well.

5. Copy Your Blog Post and Paste Into Description Field
The description field in a YouTube video post is the most powerful part of a YouTube video for SEO. Google has even gone as far as trying to transcribe every single video they distribute so that they can use the words to extract the SEO value out of each post. This is why, if you could, the very best way to do this would be to make your blog post, print it as a script and then read the script as you make your video. People generally don’t have teleprompters, so that’s going to be out of the question for most people, so the next best thing is to use a 3×5 card of your best ideas and re-read your draft blog post before you make your video. Just try to keep the content as close as possible between the two and Google will, in my experience, give you more SEO power for going the extra mile.

In other words, when you put your entire content in words into the description field, it’s better than Google transcribing your speech. And again, the most difficult but most rewarding way is to either make a script and read it word-for-word or maybe transcribe your video yourself so that what you say exactly goes into that description field. The rewards are worth the effort. In my opinion, this is the most powerful use of SEO you can find. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, so what could be better than having your post and your video in both places and done in a way that can’t be beat?

Also, make sure to put the link to your blog post on the first line of your description field! YouTube will follow your link to your blog post and if it’s got the same content then that will show it’s a more valuable link.

YouTube and WordPress really rock together, so if you are using both, you’ll get the most mileage out of them using this method.

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