31 thoughts on “How to install WordPress 4.7 on Windows with 2017 theme (XAMPP)”

  1. Māris Monkevičs

    Salaam-Alaikum…finaly someone made exact video about xampp and wp install…many thanks web G…

  2. Hi Guys when i follow this video exactly and go to install the wordpress on xampp im getting the following error WordPress database error:
    [Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key ‘PRIMARY’]
    INSERT INTO `wp_terms` (`term_id`, `name`, `slug`, `term_group`) VALUES (1, ‘Uncategorised’, ‘uncategorised’, 0)

    Anyone know how to fix this problem

  3. Anna Kashiwagi

    This is the most helpful video for starting a WordPress site. Got to creating a website in minutes.

  4. Carlos Alfredo Benjamin Martinez

    Hey amuli??, thank you so much man, I’ve been diying today looking up for this. They are all outdated.

  5. I am wondering why there is .php with each file, and when I moved it to htdocs and search the localhost it gives me error always like "NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 161" Help please 🙂

  6. Michelle Hardy

    Thank you, this was so helpful! I didn’t know where to begin until I watched this video. No tech talk, just straightforward instructions! Perfect!

  7. Anna Kashiwagi

    Brilliant! This workrd for me. Can you tell me how I can create mutiple websites in the same localhost please!!!

  8. thank you dude , tutors like you are a great contribution to mankind

    just one question

    Do i have to use my email for the information needed section?

  9. finally this worked bro thanks but will this be able to do eveything that wordpress can exactly do and if i want to upload my project can i upload it on it please help

  10. Well! If I don not select Discourage Search engines from indexing this site. What will happen.
    And Explained well. Thank You!

  11. I have this huge problem where when I enter my login credentials (I tried loads of times with the correct password because it starting doing this right after I created the WordPress account), the site just loads then goes back to the login page. I also have absolutely no plugins installed on my site, but I do use Cloudflare (and yes, I don’t use any plugins that Cloudflare offers).

  12. Matsa's Crafts

    Thanks for very useful, detailed instructions for a non-techie – after a few attempts i managed to install and start my desktop site!

  13. I LIKE YOUR VIDEO BUT I WON’T B LEARN WORD PRESS ON THIS VIDEO. so, tweet me .@vishal_kumar999

  14. localhost does not work for me it has to be localhost:8080/wp even then, when i click to install, it just hangs and doesnt install.
    I have yet to find any tutorial that works or at least one that addresses this issue.

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