50 thoughts on “How to install wordpress locally with wamp for beginners.”


    Having wordpress locally has many advantages, you can mess with plugins and themes without affecting your site! #jnzqst

  2. Felipe M. Cavalcanti

    i wanna take this time out my day to thank you. ive been to multiple different tutorials with no luck. but u walked me through every step. GREAT TUTORIAL! GREAT WORK!

  3. Great effort to explain the process easily though could be done a lot faster 🙂 . Installing WordPress tutorials should only take 2-4 minutes 🙂

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  5. Hi. I have an issue. Installed wamp, then went into its directory and in www but there were already files wamplanguages, wampthemes and a couple more. why and what should i do? Also when I go localhost/phpmyadmin it shows already to log in… 🙁

  6. David Franklin

    Excellent tutorial – extremely useful to be able to install, design and test locally before going live – thanks a lot!

  7. A little bit out of date now BUT an excellent tutorial in simple terms! and yes I also copied the incorrect address ‘localhost/wp-admin/rabbit/install.php’ Dont knock the man, he might have done that to make you take note of fine details 😉 Thanks

  8. Thanks for this video, but mine is not working the icon is in orange color and have try to stop and start again and reset. its still same and if i click on phpmyadmin it comes page can not be display. what can i do ?

  9. Mamamama Mamamam

    thank you for the great video awesome I tried to install it but I did not end up modifying that sample file and when I did that it worked out for me.

  10. Travis Phillips

    Damnt! Where did the comment go with the 5 minute install footnotes instructions… Summed it up clearly and quickly that I didn’t have to watch a 22 minute video

  11. I’m starting to play with wordpress at a new job and really need to get some practice at home. Great tutorial!! Thank you!

  12. hai andrew,i have created a website using word press in wamp and when i go for next website creation it shows the old website help me to recover from it

  13. Abdikafi Mohamud

    absolutely incredible…I hated that domain names and hosting because they deprived me from building my website locally…you enabled that for me…thank you so much

  14. When I open ‘MyPHPAdmin’ I am prompted to log in, but I don’t have any login (user name and password) information…what do i need to do?

  15. mohammed mayat

    when I go to php my admin it asked for username and password, i have uninstall and reinstall wamp server it is still asking for username and password

  16. prasad chandana

    andrew Lee Cabinet thanks for your support ,,but

    I tired to connect the php my admine sever , but below massage came and coud not connect the server.
    #1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

     phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected
    the connection. You should check the host, username and password in
    your configuration and make sure that they correspond to the information
    given by the administrator of the MySQL server.

  17. I have followed everything, i am at the point where i need to type in the install and it keeps saying 404. I have the correct path already as well. Any ideas?

  18. Many thanks, Andrew. Worked through your instructions from start to finish in about half an hour!

  19. aldrin ted Mendoza

    haha..his voice is funny. especially when he type wp-admin/install istead of wp-admin/rabbit/install istead haha

  20. Hello Sir, thanks for the video , But Can you have any video to publish this website online with our domain name
    please rply

  21. Excellent video, really explained things. I love your voice, please continue to make more videos.

  22. Hey I have an issue.. when i run the wampserver and click on the phpmyadmin its requiring login password… how should i find it ..?? help me …..

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