How To Install WordPress On XAMPP Localhost

This tutorial is on how to install WordPress on XAMPP.
If you dont know wat XAMPP is the you can read about it here:

To download a copy of WordPress visit there site at:

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  1. you are brilliant. thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, 

  2. ‘ Error establishing a database connection ‘== i am getting this error before ‘ run this install’ step at 5:00. please help

  3. I am having problems installing Plugins via a localhost setup. I have added the¬†define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’); line into the ‘wp-config.php’ but to no avail. Anyone else having a similar problem?

  4. Hello, how do you install WordPress on the local machine using the ‘Multisite" option?I want to install several WordPress sites on my local machine, just like I want on my hosted plan. I just want to test everything out first locally.¬†

  5. you are making tutorial, and can not create a test password but you need to hide it ??!!!!

  6. I’m using port 81, so in my case it’s localhost:81, but when I press ‘submit’ at the screen of 4:51 it takes so much time, that i don’t know if it is working.Have you forwarded the loading time on your video, or should it really that quick as in your video, which is a second?

  7. Hello, I am trying to install the wordpress to my computer, but I get to the part where you go to your localhost/wordpress, and it comes back "object not found". I have looked at all of the installation programs, and when i get to that part it does the same thing. Can you please help me to get over this problem. Someone said to get in contact with the webmaster, I wrote someone but nothing is still not going through. ūüôĀ Even when I am following your video when I put "localhost/tutorials, it brings up a page that says "object cannot be found". What am I to do to get over these pages

  8. Good, simple tutorial.  I do this just enough to forget a couple of key details and this video is a great refresher course. 

  9. Hey! Great tutorial but it’s pronounced: ZAMP like xylophone, its not X-ampp, just like it’s not X-ylophone! Just sayin..:)

  10. it is very use full and work 100{6c85689da4238259371ec3643cce4c730fb2096ba6fc33e37ce8e8dc99f3f604}
    thanks sir

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