How To Install WordPress Without Any Index of cgi bin Error

How To Install WordPress Without Any Index of cgi bin Error

Here you gonna see Correct method to install WordPress with softaculous app installer and without getting any index of/cgi-bin error.
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The Softaculous software helping us lot but even after installing WordPress by Softaculous app installer, we get an error index of/ cgi-bin.

How to install WordPress Without Getting Index of/ cgi-bin Error

There is some point where we have to do the right thing but before doing it, we have to know that what are they. Now here you see the correct method to install WordPress without getting Index of/ cgi-bin error. Now let’s star doing it right way:-

Login into your hosting c-panel which hosting site provide you.
After login c-panel search for Softaculous, in the bottom of the page
Now click on WordPress button
Now you’ll see which version of WordPress is available for install. Click on install button.
You’ll see the some settings. Now carefully watch and review each setting that i am going to explain further:-

In Choose Protocol setting select “http://www.”
in Choose Domain there is already written a domain name, so don’t change it.
Now most important thing, in Directory Wp is written in the box, just delete it.
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Now enter your username and password which you want to create.
After doing all of this select a basic theme and click install.
Now go to your URL your website is online without any index of/ cgi-bin error.
If you have any query just comment down below and if you already install wordpress in your cpanel and facing index of/ cgi-bin error then click here How To Fix index of/ cgi-bin Error in WordPress.

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