48 thoughts on “How To Make A Blog Step By Step – WordPress Blog Tutorial For Beginners 2015”

  1. I'm just here for the lolz

    this is just a 5 min tutorial and 25min of promise to show you how and sale you something.

  2. how long does it take to launch the actual site, after you clicked the link on the dashboard?? cause when i click on visit my site, it takes to a page with WEBPAGE COMING SOON written

  3. The version of yoast that I installed while following your video is different and doesn’t have all the tabs that you discuss. Can you guide me here?

  4. so i think you need to update this video James. I have been following step by step and it is NOTHING like what your video says. Click on Titles and Metas you say….its no where to be found. Now what?

  5. hi, thanks for the video, it was very helpful. i am trying to create a custom diary/organiser page for each member, who can register/login to my website then keep record of their own personal diary (e.g. to do list). do you know which plugin/widgets would be useful? or do you have any tutorial for this? many thanks

  6. harrievangeffen

    Great tutorial! I didn’t dare start setting up a blog, but thanks to your help I’ll give it a go!

  7. Hi I have a question
    When I download the wordpress software on one computer will I have to download it again to another computer?


  8. Great information.. thanks..
    quick question.. I’ve got a wiz website can I use word press on that ..

  9. Annemarie Campbell

    If just started with Hostgator their customer service is outstanding second to none . Thanks also for this video because I’m a person whi needs to take time to process and you make it easier

  10. James, thanks for your "big picture" view. You have cleared up TONS of confusion for me. Specifically the dif between blog and website and when each is appropriate.

  11. I can’t find the wordpress SEO by yoast plugin, I have tried all manners of searching, when I search yoast as the author there are none. Substitute?

  12. introduction and disclosure takes a lot of all the bullshit 4.30 minutes and nothing como’n get into 6.10 minutes bye good luck

  13. for a complete beginner like me. This video completely leaves me stranded when it talks about installing yoast, its not even there. So basically i have now paid for hosting, and a domain, and i can’t set it up according to this guy talking. Thanks for nothing pal, youve just wasted me $70.

  14. How long does it take for the blog to replicate to the servers before you can continue on to create your blog?

  15. Don’t watch! First 15 minuets is useless rambling of common sense and the layout of wordpress isn’t even the same anymore so this tutorial is useless! Did I use the word useless enough?

  16. I cant find WordPress Seo by yoast is it still on WordPress? If not is there any replacement? Thanks awesome video!

  17. Living the Life

    Very helpful video. This was the only video that has explained in detail how to set up plugins. Thank You

  18. Shrinivas Bhangure

    I m not able to find wordpress seo by yoast…?!!! what to do….its really confusing….!!trying to install other seo plugins – says they wont work properly until I install wordpress seo by yoast….!!!!!

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