How to Make a WordPress Website (Step by Step) – 2014

How to Make a WordPress Website (Step by Step) – 2014

In this tutorial you will learn how to make your own professional business website, step by step, using the popular WordPress platform!

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Quick Links
00:26 – Overview.
04:46 – Getting your .com domain.
10:24 – Getting web hosting.
15:57 – Initial website setup.
25:39 – Adding the awesome site design!
31:08 – Customizing the sidebar (adding map, facebook box, etc..)
48:40 – Adding the contact form.
53:57 – Adding content pages.
56:15 – Adding the awesome dropdown menu.
59:53 – Adding the 4 footer boxes.
1:02:18 – Adding the Social Media icon links.
1:05:55 – Adding the slider images.
1:10:03 – Creating a Logo. First we recommend you get one custom made for a few dollars:
1:14:38 – Optional design settings.
1:19:23 – The FINISHED website!

Hope we have been able to teach you how to create a website for your business, using the popular and easy to use WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Contact us if you have any questions. And please THUMBS UP our video!


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