How To Make WordPress Blog Load Faster: WordPress Speed Optimization Tips

How To Make WordPress Blog Load Faster: WordPress Speed Optimization Tips

By optimzing your WordPress blog, you not only speed up your blog, but offer good user experience. There are many plugins and tricks that could be applied to get a faster WordPress blog. In this video I talked about:

Use a Cache plugin:

You can use cache plugin like Super cache or W3 Total cache to optimize your blog. Here are few guides to help you get started.

Lower down the number of plugins:
Try to limit the number of plugins you are using on your blog. You can also use P3 plugin profiler Wp plugin to see which plugin is using maximum resources and increasing load time of your WordPress blog.

Clean orphan table:

When you uninstall a plugin, it leaves behind many orphan table. Learn how you can remove such orphan options using Clean options plugin. Here are two plugins which does the same work.

Optimize database:

You should optimise your WordPress database once in a while. This will help in keeping your database fast and healthy. You can use Wp optimize plugin to achieve this. Check out this video for more information:

Use CDN:

CDN is another great way to speed up your blog. Here you can find information about what is CDN and how to use MAXCDN on your blog.

Use plugin:

This plugin optimises WordPress images for faster loading. Very simple but effective plugin.

Use a good hosting company:

Use a reliable shared hosting company, which is optimized for WordPres. I had a good experience with Bluehost and HOstgator. You can read more about Bluehost here:
Last but not the least, utilize all these techniques to optimize your blog.

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