How to setup WordPress in a CPanel Hosting Environment | WordPress | CPanel

How to setup WordPress in a CPanel Hosting Environment | WordPress | CPanel

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If you are new to web hosting, and are looking at a very thorough explanation on how to install WordPress on a CPanel hosting account, then this video should be quite helpful. This video is a step by step guide, including a thorough explanation of the e-mail you should have received from your hosting company and what the information means, how to create a mysql user and mysql database, how to configure the WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php), how to upload the content to your shared hosting server, and how to complete your WordPress Installation and get online.

Here are the links I promised to provide in the video…

WordPress Download –
Winrar Download –
Filezilla Download –

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50 thoughts on “How to setup WordPress in a CPanel Hosting Environment | WordPress | CPanel”

  1. I got all what u said correctly, only issue i am having is that when i try " " it takes me to my other domain with .net and not .com also when I try openiing my website with filezilla it shows as if it is my main domain "" but when I upload wordpress it works in .net and not .com.. I have no idea why this is happening , can u help pls ?

  2. Tiffany Wilcox

    I’ve tried figuring out how to upload this for what feels like 100 times and failed…..
    Thank you for helping me finally figure this out! 😀

  3. This video work for me painless. Also gave me a few clues about questions for my hosting guy. Thanks a lot.

  4. Piyush Agrawal

    sir after welcome message
    initializing TLS is failing
    showing connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity

  5. Calvin Terlizzi

    i installed with the help of a friend about 5 years ago. I was getting ECT treatments and I don’t remember doing this at all (installing wordpress). So I’m sort of retracing my steps by watching this. I guess I’m watching more out of curiosity than anything else. Thanks for the video!

  6. What if my hosting service has a hosting plan specifically for wordpress sites? I wouldn’t think that it’s any different than my current plan. Is there a difference or is it just a way to sell more plans to ignorant users?

  7. Hi, thank you! But I need help. At the end of all steps it does not open the website. I have created the database, the user, add it to the database; I have downloaded the WordPress and edited the ww-config-sample to ww-config with my db name, db user and password; I have uploaded all the WordPress downloaded files to my server in the public_html. But when I look for my website the engine does not find it… What could I have done wrong?Thanks!

  8. Nikola Mujdžić

    Thank you! I have never did this before, but from your tutorial I had no problem installing my first WordPress site.

  9. This is great but I’ve got stuck… On FileZilla – I can find the WordPress folder in my downloads… but I cannot drop it into the Remote Site on the right hand side as I am "Not connected to any server"… (I’m connected on the left side though). Can anyone help please? Thanks so much

  10. I followed your steps and everything went smoothly, but when I went to the domain afterwards, I was just directed to the same "We’re under construction." page that I already had up. I don’t get sent to the wordpress page that shows up when you type in your domain url.

  11. In filezilla the host name is the username and password of cpanel login? Or is it the one in SQL username and password?

  12. Jaleese Blanding-Coates

    first off I would just like to say thank you for uploading this tutorial ,I wouldn’t been able to start my homework with out it.
    Thank you again.

  13. Jackie Primrose

    Thanks! Great information! Now to I wonder if you have any tutorial on creating subscriber accessible training modules for a site?

  14. Hey… thanks for your most excellent tutorial. Very straight forward and easy to follow. Much appreciated… subscribed.

  15. This video is great up until the point after the transfer.
    When I type in my domain I get the host’s message saying "This is a placeholder while the owner sets up his website"

  16. Thank you for the tutorial but It did not worked for me .I had network problem so my queue list was over 3000 and I transfered the files.When it reached 1438 I cancelled it thinking all files has been transfered .Now my website says It is not working .Please help me .What should I do now ?

  17. Lorraine Du Plooy

    Please help I must have done something wrong. When I open my website it shows "Index of / and wordpress file" if I click on the wordpress file my website pop up. How can I fix this. Thanks great tutorial.

  18. PotasioCasillas

    I wanted to thank you a lot. I had some issues with filezilla and my server, mainly to many connections open, timouts, and connection erros but I finally was able to solve it.

    Also, the database creation was different since My server has CpPanel and you have to create there in order for the DataBase to appear at MyPhpadmin.

    Anyhow, it was really useful and I managed, after about 2 hours lol, to install it succesfully

  19. Tania Deaville

    Amazing, step by step instructions. Built my word press in about 1 hr courtesy of this video…cheers!

  20. Thank you for guide. As a guy who have 0 knowledge about those things. i did my website without any problem.

  21. widiono susanto

    i must say thank you to you sir, you just make my life easier, and i just build a website for my client using this tutorial. thx a lot sir.

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