How To: Turn a Spreadsheet Into Your Own Custom Google Map

How To: Turn a Spreadsheet Into Your Own Custom Google Map

This video covers how to upload a spreadsheet into a map using google maps. My first video so please correct me if instructions are incorrect or anything else is wrong, i’d appreciate it.

Here’s a link to the map created in the video:

you can edit the map or view it from that link.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s a quick description of how to do it:

1. Open a web browser and go to Google maps
2. make sure the search bar in Google Maps is empty and that you are signed in to your Google account. Below the search bar, there should be a few recent searches and then a bar labeled “my maps”. Click “my maps”, then click create.
3. Click the blue “Import” button, and find the spreadsheet you want to turn into a map. Ours is in Google drive so we find the spreadsheet we want, click the document and then click select.
4. Now Google will ask us what column in our spreadsheet it should use to position our nightlife places. The addresses are what google maps is going to use to plot our placemarks. So let’s select the address column. For the title of our markers, let’s choose the name column and then click finish.
5. Alright! We’ve got our map. Google took all of our addresses and used them to position the placemarks accordingly. If we click on a placemark, all the information in the spreadsheet about that placemark pops up for us.
6. Now let’s make some tweaks to our map so that it tells a story.
7. I want to group all of these places by how much money, in dollars, I spent at each place. To do this, I click uniform style and then change Group places by” from “Uniform Style” to “Style By Data Column-Spent”. Then change “Categories” to “ranges”. Now, our placemarks are color coded based on the data in my “Spent” column.
8. Okay, so now we have a beautiful map that tells a story. Thanks so much for watching ☺.

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