How to Use the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin (Tutorial)

How to Use the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin (Tutorial)

The Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin can be broken down into 3 steps:

1. Configure the settings
Once installed you’ll see the different SEO tabs on the left of your dashboard. Go through the different tabs and fill out your website info, social media profiles, configure Webmaster Tools, etc. Use my tutorial to configure the Yoast settings which also includes a downloadable zip file of the settings I use, which you can upload to your own WordPress site…

2. Research 1 focus keyword per page/post
I like to use Google Autocomplete for this. Go to and start typing in a phrase, then look at their keyword suggestions. You can also use the fill-in-the-blank method using this format: Chicago ________ Photographer (you will see suggestions for chicago wedding photographer, newborn, family, children’s, etc). This is a good way to get keywords for your pages. Posts are more tutorial related, but you can use similar strategies. Always try to select long-tail (very specific) keywords since they’re less competitive and have higher conversion rates. Full tutorial:

3. Optimize content for that keyword by achieving green lights in the page analysis tab
Go to the page/post you want to optimize for that keyword. Set it as your focus keyword, then craft your page title, SEO title, and meta description to include your keyword. Also make sure it’s in the permalink and a couple times in the content body. Then use the page analysis tab (basically just tells you to include the keyword in the image alt tag, so name the image file as the keyword before you upload it, and use a couple internal links on the page to link to relevant pages/posts). Other than that, “content optimization” really just means Googling your keyword and writing content that is better than whoever’s in the top results. Obviously you want to have your sitewide optimizations down too (site speed, mobile responsiveness, etc). Full tutorial:

I basically show you how to do everything in this video but if you want to hire me I do offer SEO services for WordPress:

Hope you found this Yoast tutorial helpful and leave me a comment if you need help! I wrote about WordPress SEO all day so subscribe to my newsletter if you want to get the low down.


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