Howto Build A $3500 WordPress Website – For Beginners – 2016 BEST Tutorial

Howto Build A $3500 WordPress Website – For Beginners – 2016 BEST Tutorial

Check out the exact website we will build together, step-by-step in this tutorial over at

If you’ve never built a website before, and you have little computer knowledge, but you’re looking for a tutorial on how to build your first website then this is the tutorial for you.

I will show you how to build your first WordPress website which website developers would charge you more than $3500 for – AND we will accomplish all of this in a couple of hours from now!

You will learn valuable skills and have the ability to create any premium website you like, whether it be a website for a local business, a new blog, or you could even set up a store!

Did I mention that there are zero boundaries with this tutorial on how to build a website? You will have complete control over everything, and it’s easy!

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① Introduction
– Introduction
– This Is How Easy You Can Edit Your Website! 4:15
– Yes, Your Website Will Be 100{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} Responsive 9:38
– Overview & Costs 11:28

② Setting Up
– Domain Name & Fast Hosting – CLICK HERE ► ($50 Discount & Free Domain Link) (affiliate) 15:53
– Installing WordPress & Logging Into It 25:30
– A WordPress Admin Walkthrough 30:04

③ Creating Our Website
– Getting Our WordPress Theme – CLICK HERE ► (affiliate) 46:09
– Installing Our Theme & Registering It 52:36
– Installing a Sexy Template! 58:25

④ Editing Your Website
– How to Set Up Exactly Like The Demo 01:01:55
– How to Edit Page Content & Layout 01:12:08
– Additional Page Options 01:36:39
– Adding In Custom Post Types 01:43:48

⑤ Website Global Options Walkthrough
– General Settings 01:46:47
– Website Styling 02:05:11
– Website Typography 02:13:24
– Brief Look at Advanced Options 02:19:11

⑥ Ok Cool! So What Now?
– Let’s Create a New Menu 02:21:44
– Let’s Change up the Header 02:27:22
– Let’s Change up the Footer 02:33:03
– Creating New Pages & Duplicating Pages 02:44:44

⑦ Extras!
– Installing New Templates 02:50:09
– Tips to Make a Good Website 02:53:58
– Image Size & Quality 03:02:44
– Installing Google Analytics 03:08:42
– Congratulations, You Saved Yourself $3500 & You’re Now a Pro! 03:14:11

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to build your first ever WordPress website. Make sure to check out my website over at as I am publishing a lot of fresh content each and every week!

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