I can fix your wordpress issues

I can fix your wordpress issues

This is my gig on fiverr.

Having issues with wordpress? Not getting some part of your theme to behave the way you want it to? Need something rearranged or want to make some general edits to your theme or fix css issues? This is the gig for you. I have over five years experience in web development during which time I have worked and become proficient with WordPress. I will look at your problem, diagnose the issue and most of all fix the issue.

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  1. I drastically need WordPress help!

    My wordpress blog all of a sudden has developed a number of problems and I have tried to fix them to no avail.

    It all started 7 days ago when I clicked the WordPress Update 4.2.1 and a message popped up that said could not finish update, so I said I will mess with that later, so I go to do some work on my blog and I noticed widgets were missing, theme background missing.

    Some hours later I noticed another new update 4.2.2 and I clicked that this time it completed the update and fix some issues but not the ones listed below

    I went into Appearance and tried some things and some tools when clicked on opened blank white pages, I got 504 errors.

    I am not able to add Categories and such.

    I shutdown all my plugins and still had same issues.

    I tried other default themes and still the same problems

    I am not really getting anywhere with WordPress support, getting comments and not solutions to my issues.

    The thing is my blog has been messed up for 7 days now and I am just looking for Genuine Help to either fix my issues or point me to someone who can fix my issues.


    Al Silva

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