Install Google Tag Manager on WordPress

Install Google Tag Manager on WordPress

WordPress and Google Tag Manager are very popular tools of content publishers today. WordPress as the leading CMS and GTM as the rapidly growing Tag Management System. Sind Google Tag Manager was recently updated and now recommend the implementation of TWO separate snippet, it is time to take another look at how we can implement GTM on a WordPress Website.

GTM PlugIn for WordPress:
Screaming Frog:
Install Google Tag Manager (Google Help):
Install the new GTM Snippet (Google Developers Guide):
Put it in the Head (Simo Ahava):

GTM Ressource Guide:
Free Email course: Course:




22 thoughts on “Install Google Tag Manager on WordPress”

  1. Anushrut khare

    Subscribed. Really helpful. I have one doubt. My child theme does not have a theme heade.rphp can I place the code in my parent theme header.php

  2. yeah man, thanks for the updated video. cuz i had the split snippet. and the previous video did not say how to install it. thanks!

  3. Thanks for the updated tutorial!

    Just an update about my plugin and the container code placement: of course the new container placement will be implemented in the next version of my WP GTM plugin but it is also important to note that there is currently no need to hurry, most implementations will work correctly using the legacy code placement. I think the first important change will come once Google Optimize (Free) will be available (soon) which will I think require the GTM container code to be placed in the <head>

  4. great video, thanks a lot!
    Have a quick question though.. I get an error "Invalid or missing web property ID". Any tips on how i could set the correct property ID in the java script?
    thank a lot! highly appreciate your time and efforts!

  5. PaulSmithWebDesignServices

    Great video, I had never heard of GTM until I came across this video. I too have a child theme with no header.php

  6. Alejandro Antonio Araujo Phillips

    In your website, the GTM tag is placed at the top… After the opening head tag and the dataLayer at the bottom, after the opening tag. How is it possible?!! The custom dimensions won’t be tracked.

  7. thanks a lot!!
    but after I implemented your instruction, using Google Tag Assistang extension for Chrome to check the page, I get these 2 errors: "invalid or missing account ID" and "Code found outside of <body> tag"

  8. Rakesh Kumar Sethi

    I am unable to find an editor button in the appearance section. Do I have to upgrade my WordPress account??

  9. I have followed all your steps, but it seems that GTM cannot read double curly brackets (Angular) within the DOM. Have you experience with this issue?

  10. I guess I’m pretty late to subscribe, please I use WordPress 4.7.3 and I can’t access my header.PHP, please how do I access header.PHP in WordPress 4.7.3? Thanks.

  11. Book Chindakawee

    does this mean we have to move the dataLayer and place it in the head, before the GTM tag? that might be a big inconvenience?

  12. Tobias Sepassi

    i installed it as you mentioned. but when i check, the GTM is only on my "home" site, all the other sites on my website doesn’t contain the GTM. Any advise?

  13. Ann-Christin Voss

    Hi, thx for this video. But to be honest, i did exactly as you said. Except for the Child theme move. Nevertheless i tested it via the chrome Browser, but the tag is not being recognized! Can you please help?

  14. Refisio Health

    Thanks for the video, I managed to install the GTM by following your video. At 4:38, you recommended to install GTM on a ‘ Child Theme’ . Could you let me know how to ‘create’ the child theme please? Thanks

  15. I am unable to find tag manager extension button even though I pasted the script in head and body. What do you suggest?

  16. 9,368,907 views

    Do I need to setup analytics account after settingup the tag manager.Because when creating the tags manually in tag manager i used to submit the analytics tracking ID.
    where do i need to set this analytics tracking ID

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