50 thoughts on “Installing WordPress via FTP (Famous 5-minute Install)”

  1. Duncan Steenkamp

    Thanks very much. Got through everything, but when i reload my webpage after the installation the page says ‘Error establishing a database connection’ Is there something i missed?

  2. SKARtec Digital Marketing Academy

    Thank you, Wonderful Video. My site was giving problems and hosting company could not help on time. I checked your video and my website is live now.

  3. i registered a domain at but it doesn’t seem to have the same options as bluehost or godaddy. is namebright ONLY for registering domains? do I have to push it to another registrar in order to create a mysql database??? wtf

  4. Hi your video its really great man 😀 but , I have a problem when I drag the wordpress folder content and I drop it into the public.html folder , it shows several messages of error like this :

    [21:54:27] 1>550 Can’t check for file existence

    can anyone help me please? I would appreciate it a lot 😀

  5. Glenda Ebersole

    WordPress 4.1.1.  …Do not change $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; in config.php as instructed.  You will have issues with login.

  6. Quentin Giblet

    Same thing with the wp_ that I changed, actually it started working when I sat it back how it was. Anyway, safe and sound tuto, very clear. Thanks a lot, man !

  7. Aatu Stoutamire

    I actually tried this method hoping that it would work, but I got nothing. I am hosting with HostGator, I followed everything you did in the video, but after copying the wordpress files into the directed folder, it still redirected me to hostgators page.

  8. I am stuck at the first step and got all the ingredients but where can I get a program like bluehost at 1:50?not a single video tells you where to get it.I am stuck at creating a database because there is no menu for My SQL and database.

  9. Victor Aaröe-Holm

    Spending hours reading and watching other videos without any progress. This works like a charm! Really appreciate it!

  10. Ana Paula Menezes

    Hello. I cant’t seem go past the connecting phase on filezilla. It usually says ‘can’t connect to the server’, what can I possibly be doing wrong?

  11. web hosting account details? So we need a website before we can install the program? Sorry I’m new I need more information and wth.. do you have to pay a monthly fee to sign up for a bluehost account to create a new data in the cpanel ? because it charging me.

  12. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for putting together this video.

    In the past, I’ve used Fantastico to perform all of the installations for me,
    but for some reason, my newest hosting account didn’t show that I had Fantastico,
    so I decided to try and do the install using the Filezilla ftp software.

    Your installation video was not only very clear and accurate, but very professionally done.

    I was able to install my word press using this video on the very first try.
    I highly recommend your video to anyone interested in doing their own FTP installation of

    I am now subscribing to your Youtube channel and going over to watch your other videos.

    Again, thank you y friend. GREAT JOB!

  13. When I enter my website in the web browser, it comes up like it shows in the video, but doesn’t add the "/wp-admin/install.php" when i refresh it

  14. Zachery Wagner

    Once I connect within FileZilla it says it connects, then that it’s, "retrieving server data…" for a while, and finally "Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
    Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing." Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  15. Valentin Jesse


    And if i want to upload another wordpress theme for another domain (addon domain) do i have to unpack the wordpress again in that addon domain folder with another database created in cpanel and a new modified wp-config.php ? Thank you

  16. Has Bluehost done something to stop this from working? I have followed the steps exactly and receive a 404 Error. Using the exact same host/ftp client and everything.

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