LeadPages Plugin Installation On WordPress [LeadPages Tutorial]

LeadPages Plugin Installation On WordPress [LeadPages Tutorial]

LeadPages plugin for WordPress is easy to install

In this video, Bob Jenkins walks LeadPages customers through using LeadPages:
• Download the LeadPages customized plugin, which is pre-configured with your account information.
• Upload the plugin inside your WordPress dashboard
• Activate the plugin
• Publish your LeadPage inside WordPress

Let’s install the LeadPages plugin into your WordPress blog so you can display your LeadPages from your website.

Please note this is for WordPress blogs you have on your own hosting account, not free blogs.

Let’s get started!

0:41 Download LeadPages Plugin

Inside your LeadPages dashboard, go to My Pages, and choose the LeadPage you’ve already created. You can also get to the publishing options from inside the page editor. Click the publish button here.

To find your LeadPages plugin, choose the WordPress publishing option, and click the download button. Save this file to your computer where you’ll be able to find it easily.

1:04 Upload LeadPages Plugin

Next, login to your WordPress dashboard on your website. Go to the Plugins menu, and click Add New. Click Upload, and browse to the LeadPages plugin file you just downloaded. Click Open, and Install Now. When it’s finished installing, click Activate Plugin.

1:22 WordPress Permalinks

Next, you’ll need to make sure that permalinks are enabled on your blog. If you see this notice after installing the plugin, here’s what you need to do. Click the permalinks link here, or go to Settings, and permalinks. If your setting is still set to Default, change it to Post name, and click Save Changes.

1:40 LeadPages Publishing In WordPress

You’ll then notice a new tab for LeadPages in your dashboard. To make the final connection between LeadPages and your website, click LeadPages, and Add New.

Choose which LeadPage you’d like to display, and enter in a keyword or phrase as your custom-URL. The words you enter here should be separated by hyphens if you want the best search engine results.

Most of the time, you’ll leave your LeadPage type set to Normal. However, you can also make the LeadPage you’ve selected your new homepage, a Welcome Gate page, or a 404 Error Page. Please see the WordPress LeadPage types video for more details on those options.

To see your new LeadPage in action on your website, copy the custom URL, and paste it into your browser’s address bar after the root URL of your WordPress site.

And that’s it! Your system is now ready to add an unlimited number of LeadPages to your website!

2:37 Update LeadPages Plugin

One more thing. We’re constantly adding features and improving LeadPages. When you see the notice that a new version of the LeadPages plugin is available, click the update link, or download the update and install it manually. With the automatic update, your site is ready to go in a snap.

For additional support with your LeadPages account, use the LeadPages support system

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