Learn How To Add Self-Hosted Videos To Your WordPress Site

Watch the video from my site: http://whitehatmastermind.com/videos/

The JW-Player has been around since the beginning of YouTube. Matter of fact, it was the original YouTube player before YouTube became big enough to create their own video player. JW-Player has a reputation for being able to play on any device no matter what. It remains to be true as I have tested the player on multiple devices and never had a problem viewing the video.

JW-Player 6 gives you the option to use the flash or HTML5 format as your primary player. It also has a fallback feature to revert to the format that is compatible with the end-users browser. This is the main reason why JW will play on so main different devices.

You can now set up playlists just like you see in YouTube, which will give you the ability to have a sidebar playlist layout that looks beautiful, and will give your visitors quick access to the videos they love. You will also have a whole host of video skins to choose from if you purchase the premium version.

Watch the video from my site: http://whitehatmastermind.com/videos/

With built-in SEO and social sharing, you will be sure to get your videos the attention they deserve.

JW-Player 6 also has several responsive dimensions you can choose from to get your video setup exactly the way you want it to look. So whether you choose to produce video in a custom dimension size, or if you choose to go with YouTube dimensions, you can be sure your video will look great no matter what.

One of the features I have come to love, is the built-in analytics you get when you sign-up for a JW-Player 6 Account. You can check to see what browsers visitors are using to watch your videos. You can also see how long they are watching the videos, which will give you the opportunity to make smart, educated tweaks to your videos in the future, which in return will benefit you and your business.

I hope you like this video and make sure you stay tuned for more great shows!

Watch the video from my site: http://whitehatmastermind.com/videos/

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