Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster (.39s Load Time)

1. gtmetrix: 0m17s
2. fast hosting: 2m07s (shared hosting is slow, upgrading can make a huge difference. Plenty of options out there but I prefer SiteGround’s semi-dedicated GoGeek Plan and they will migrate your hosting for free (see speed difference:
If your budget is…
-$12.45/month use Bluehost Optimized WordPress Hosting
-$14.95/month use Siteground Semi-Dedicated GoGeek
-$29/month use WP Engine
-$60/month use SiteGround Cloud
3. w3 total cache: 3m36s (longer process, refer to my tutorial:
4. find large plugins: 7m06s
5. image optimization: 11m29s
6. wp-optimize: 19m10s
7. remove query strings from static resources: 21m45s
8. cache gravatar images: 22m14s
9. watch that social sharing plugin: 22m57s
10. lazy load your pages: 23m34s
11. delete unused themes: 24m24s
12. add expires headers: 24m40s
13. don’t use google map in footer: 25m15s
14. uncheck force rewrite titles in yoast: 25m30s
15. disable trackbacks/pingbacks: 26m10s
16. reduce # of sidebar widgets / page size: 27m15s
17. update wordpress: 28m32s
18. use a lightweight wordpress theme: 28m47s (I always point people to StudioPress
19. slow wordpress dashboards

Full article:…

Learn how to make your WordPress site load faster using these 21 tips. This tutorial is specific to WordPress and covers everything from fast WordPress hosting to W3 Total Cache and image optimization. I also cover small tweaks you can do like cleaning up your WordPress database, avoiding Google Maps on your pages (especially in your footer), and disabling trackbacks/pingbacks. Everything adds up but it’s definitely best to focus on the CORE optimizations which are steps #2 – #5.

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