Minecraft: Galacticraft #9 – Pump Up the Jams (And the Oil)

Minecraft: Galacticraft #9 – Pump Up the Jams (And the Oil)

We start working towards getting a fuel source established – time to partake in the use of fossil fuels.

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—–Moonquest Pack—-

You can get Moonquest pack (used by Yogscast) through the ATLauncher found here:

—-Additional Mods—-

– Inventory Tweaks
– Paintings ++

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——–Server Info——–

This is a private and personal server that is ran on my home system. I am unable to support public servers, I’m sorry but all requests to join will be ignored.

—-Credits & Licensing—-

– Footage Recorded: Ech Plays
– Graphic Design: Ech –
♪ To-Do List Music: Mike Fasano –
♪ Other Music & Sound:
♪ Intro/Outro Music: Eric Skiff:
– Texture Pack: SphaxBD

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