Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Most Popular WordPress Plugins

Check it out for more details:

he Thrive Teams plugin bundle consist of:

1: Thrive Leads; A WordPress list building plugin with conversion optimization in mind .
2: Content Builder: A visual page builder comparable to the Beaver Builder plugin.
3: Clever Widgets: Widgets created with, again, conversion in mind.
4: Landing Pages: A plugin with 220+ Landing Page designs.

Thrive Themes also creates themes that work together with the plugins mentioned above.

As some of you know you can either buy a license or look for cheaper alternatives on the web. The first will cost you around 25 a mont, depending on the license type and the latter is free, but will not succeed because of the license validation. But as we all know; for every problem there is a solution.

The solution for “activating” the Thirve Themes Conten Builder plugin is a simple one that only requires a few steps that are not complicated at all. I will outline the steps below.

First you will need to find the Thrive Themes Content Builder plugin. It doesn’t really matter wether this is version 1.72, 1.83 or any other. Just make sure that it is not a “nulled” version that contains hidden malware!

Once you have found a good working version of the Content Builder plugin, install it on a development – or a non mission critical site. After you’ve installed the Content Builder plugin, you will see that you can update it. Please update Content Builder to the latest version. At this moment the latest version is 1.200.3

The official Thrive Themes changelog page can be found here:

After updating to the latest version you will need to go into the actual plugin files and folders and edit ONE word to get the Content Builder plugin working.

For convenience sake, I assume you have installed the plugin in a WordPress installation on your local system. If not you will neet to fire up your favorite FTP program.

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

1. On your local system, or in your FTP program, navigate to the directory (folder) that contains your WordPress installation.

2. Once you have located your WordPress installation, look for a directory named “wp-content”.

3. Open this directory (wp-content), view its content and look for a different directory named “plugins”.

4. Open the directory “plugins” and find, again, a other directory named “thrive-visual-editor”.

5. Open this directory and locate the directory “thrive-dashboard” and open this one.

7. Here you will see a directory named “classes” that you will need to open to

8. In the directory “classes’ is, yet again, a directory named “Product”. Open this one to (last time, i promise you,)

9. In the directory “classes” you will find two files. One is named “LicenseManager.php” and the other is named “Abstract.php”. Forget “Abstract.php and let’s focus our attention on the file “LicenseManager.php”.

10. Open “LicenseManager.php” in your favorite code editor. In your code editor of choice, scroll down to line 126 ( this line reads: “return false;”}

11. Change the text on line 126 from “return false;” to “return true;”

12. Make sure the exact content looks like this: return true; (note the semi colon on the end ; )

13. Save the change you made and close this file. When you are using FTP, make sure to reupload the file to the exact location on your server.

14. In the browser, reload your the browser tab with your WP site that has the Content Builder installed.

15. Congratulations! You can now use Content Builder to design your pages and what not. As an added bonus both Clever Widgets and Thrive Leads will be activated to (only if you actually installed them!).

Please note that I did not have time to test what happens with the content of your site when Content Builder gets updated (Beaver Builder is nice enough to leave the content in your page after it gets deactivated).

It’s always better to be save then sorry, so always, always, always create a complate backup of your site before you hit “update”. When you find that after updating your site still looks okay, but the license needs to be de-deactivated (lol), just run the exact steps outlined above.

Good luck and if you have any questions or comments, please share them with the others on this forum

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